Cadillac InnerSpace concept is the two-seater autonomous EV of your dreams

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The Cadillac InnerSpace Concept is a two-seat, fully autonomous EV focused on passenger comfort and pleasure.

Cadillac says that InnerSpace “allows two passengers to focus on their journey, not on driving,” which is nice — but it also makes a statement in a lot of ways.


First, it opens up and allows you to go in. It has a traditional door on each side, but the low sloping roof means that the roof above the cabin also rises, giving you enough room to go inside.

It’s nice to have and get to see, but a roof that opens up to let you in can be problematic in a rainstorm. Thankfully it’s just a concept, so won’t actually go on sale. It’s only meant to give us an idea of ​​what the future of driving (or more accurately, being driven) could be like.

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a sofa and a curve

Once inside, you’ll notice that the two seats are actually more of a single sofa. There are no gaps, divides, or armrests between them – making it the perfect place to hang out and watch a movie on the go.

The seats are independent, however, and pivot outwards to aid in entry and exit from the vehicle.

To go back for a movie, and for a movie feel it’s set with a giant curved LED display that wraps the entire front of the car (instead of the windshield), curved to meet the door.

There are also small display panels on the doors, which extend the screen a bit more. If only there was a built-in popcorn maker.

From the captivating display, travelers can choose from “Augmented Reality Engagement, Entertainment, and Wellness Recovery Themes”, with more themes likely to be available for download over-the-air in the future.

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So what does innerspace tell us about the future?

The screens of our cars will keep getting bigger. Vehicle design is changing in the era of electrification. AI is going to play a huge role in how we interact with our cars, and how they interact with us. Cabins will increasingly move towards homely comforts. Lighting is going to play a bigger and more important role in design and the environment.

Alright, Cadillac, you’ve got our attention.

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