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It has many features divided into the following main categories:

  • Library management
  • Converting eBooks
  • Synchronization with e-book readers
  • Download news from the Internet and convert it to an e-book
  • Complete e-book viewer
  • Content server for online access to your book collection

What’s new

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New Features

  • Full Text Search: Add a button to re-index the book, useful if the content of the book has been modified outside of caliber.
  • Search queries now support quoting using “docstrings” for easier escaping.
  • Linux installer: check for libEGL, since the QtGui module in Qt 6 references it and many Linux servers don’t have it installed.

Error correction

  • macOS: Blacklist older versions of the DeDRM plugin as they caused crashes and crashes when adding books.
  • Fixed a regression in version 6.0 causing crashes in the Manage Authors dialog. Closes tickets: 1981453
  • Fixed a regression in version 6.0 that broke touch screen interaction.
  • Fixed a regression in version 6.0 that caused several checkboxes to stop working. Closes tickets: 1981627
  • Linux: Fix a regression in 6.0 that broke mouse click handling on some Wayland touchpad systems. Closes tickets: 1981629
  • ToC Editor: fix a regression in 6.0 that was breaking styles/images in the preview panel.
  • Windows: Fixed an issue where window title bars were not dark in dark mode.
  • Full text search: show a warning when indexing/search for a library on a FAT drive.
  • Loading News: Do not add broken/unsuccessful article titles to comment metadata.
  • Full Text Search: Fixed an issue where books edited with the Edit Book tool were not automatically reindexed.
  • HTML Input: Fix handling of deeply nested files in Windows. Closes tickets: 1981438
  • Fix a regression preventing using a non-integer value for customization to change the book details font size. Closes tickets: 1981188
  • Fixed an issue where moving a library did not move the full text search index.
  • Fixed some custom icons in caliber config directory not overriding theme/builtin icons.
  • Linux Installer: fix glibc version check also performed when installing older versions.
  • Windows installer: refuse to install on Windows 8 because thanks to Qt 6 caliber 6 does not work on Windows 8
  • Update the BigBookSearch Metadata Plugin for Website Changes
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Improved news sources

  • The Economic Times India

Release Notes

New features

  • For details on major caliber changes between versions 6.0 and 5.0, see https://caliere-ebook.com/new-in/fifteen.
  • Full Text Search: You can now search the full text of all books in your caliber library.
  • Support for new CPU architectures: Apple Silicon and ARM64 on Linux. Support for 32-bit processors has been dropped as Qt 6 does not support them.
  • Dark mode in caliber is now controlled via a setting in Settings -> Appearance rather than an environment variable.
  • Allow to choose different icon themes for light and dark mode in Settings -> Appearance.
  • Update caliber to use Qt 6. This means that some 3rd party plugins that are no longer supported may not work even though most plugins have already been ported.