California makes it harder for companies to hide harassment, discrimination

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs legislation expanding worker protections, disclosing harassment and discrimination.

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom Thursday night signed legislation that protects workers speaking out about workplace harassment or discrimination, even if their companies have non-disclosure agreements.


law, known as “silence no more act,” was introduced by State Sen. Connie Leva. The law expands existing legislation that prevents companies from disclosing sexual harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination based on sex to include workplace harassment and other forms of discrimination. stops.

was inspired by the bill efoma ozoma, Together Erika Shimizu Bank, talked about racial discrimination last summer when he worked at Pinterest. Two black women said they experienced racial discrimination and faced retaliation expressing concern about unfair pay In the workplace, actions that contradict the image-sharing company’s public pledge to help its black employees.

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Both Leva and Ozoma took to Twitter to celebrate the signing of the law. leva tweeted, “Workers should always be able to speak up – if they wish to – when they are victims of any form of harassment or discrimination in the workplace.”

ozoma tweeted, “We did it!”

Nondisclosure and nondisclosure agreements are commonly used by Big Tech companies, as well as companies in other industries, to prevent workers from discussing the details of their tasks.

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