California plans to object to Activision settlement

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In new court filings, California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing indicated that it plans to officially object to September’s proposed anti-harassment agreement between Activision Blizzard and the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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why it matters: A canceled settlement could expand the number of investigations and lawsuits activism faces while delaying or nixing a planned $18 million victims’ fund.

  • While Activision and the EEOC have presented the settlement as an instrument of justice for some workers, critics have said it lets Activision turn the page relatively quickly.

Between the lines: DFEH’s filing focuses on when it can object, urging the court to allow the plan to do so before “irreparable damage” occurs.

  • DFEH’s objections, indicated in these initial filings, focused on the lack of mention of its own suit of the EEOC settlement and the potential harm victims would receive.
  • It also criticizes language in the plan that could lead Activision to issue any other claims to those who have been compromised under the EEOC agreement.

Flashback: In February 2020, lawyers for women working at Riot, another major California-based game company, Has taken back From a planned $10 million settlement after DFEH and others objected to the size of that deal.

  • The DFEH argued a month ago that the women who worked in the riot were entitled to $390 million more.


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