Call of Duty 2022 reportedly Modern Warfare 2 and follows US special forces fighting drug cartels

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Updates: 2022’s Call of Duty is not only a Modern Warfare sequel, but will also feature an operation following US special forces fighting a secret war against Colombian drug cartels, it has been claimed.

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New information came from a report VGC, which confirms information previously circulated by Henderson earlier today, right below. The report states that VGC has heard Henderson’s information from its own sources, and adds the above details about the campaign. Additionally, the nickname “Cortez” may refer to the 1994 Harrison Ford film Clear and Present Danger, which features a villain named Colonel Felix Cortez, and also sees American Special Forces waging a secret war in Colombia.

Original: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will reportedly be a Call of Duty release for 2022.


Right below, you can see leaker Tom Henderson’s claim relating to the famous Call of Duty/Battlefield, which came out yesterday, September 13th. This time around, Henderson claims that Call of Duty launching next year in 2022 will be a direct sequel to Infinity Ward’s 2019 Modern Warfare.

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Additionally, Henderson claims that right now, 2022’s Call of Duty is in development codenamed “Project Cortez”. No, it has nothing to do with Crash Bandicoot’s villain Doc Cortez, and there’s a high likelihood that it won’t be the game’s final name when it launches next year.

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Henderson’s information appears to be in line with publisher Activision’s internal development program. Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Treyarch are the three major studios it takes in turn to launch a Call of Duty game, and with Infinity Ward’s last game being 2019 Modern Warfare, their next Call of Duty game will be released next year. It’s reasonable to expect it to launch in 2022.

Right now, we’ve got Call of Duty: Vanguard to look forward to later this year from Call of Duty WW2 developer Sledgehammer Games. The next Call of Duty venture sees us return to World War Two once again, and lands later this year on November 5th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

For our guide on what weapons to expect in Vanguard when it launches later this year, head over to our Call Of Duty Vanguard Guns Guide for more.

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