Duty One of the biggest video game franchises in the industry. One of the notable aspects of the series is its annual release schedule. While some FPS franchises like aura Often many years pass between releases, Duty Continues to launch new installments at the end of each year. To better handle this busy release schedule, the three main game studios work on development of the games in the series, each releasing a title every few years. One of these primary studios is Infinity Ward.

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Founded in 2002 by Vince Zampella, Grant Collier and Jason West, Infinity Ward is a successful video game developer. Since its inception, the studio has been inextricably tied to Duty Chain. While the company’s most recent game was modern war Since 2019, the developer has worked on several games in the franchise, including the original . also includes Duty Since 2003. Recently, the company announced that it is expanding operations.


In a message on Twitter, Infinity Ward announced that it is forming a new development team. According to the company, this new team is based in Austin, Texas. In addition to this location, Infinity Ward has locations in Los Angeles, Poland, and Mexico.

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With the company expanding into new offices in Austin, many new jobs are being created. Based on the information received from Infinity Ward, the company is currently recruiting for all the posts. Additional details about each specific job are available on the company’s website. In addition, the developer noted that more information is coming about the role of the new development team in the future.

It will be interesting to see how this latest office affects the development of future projects from Infinity Ward. The company hasn’t released any new games since modern war In 2019, 2022 looks to be a big year for the developer. While the studio hasn’t officially unveiled any news about their next project, whatever that proves, given the success of the company’s previous work, it should attract a lot of fans’ attention.

This news regarding the expansion operations of Infinity Ward comes as Fellows Duty Developer Sledgehammer Games Release Call of Duty: Vanguard on 5 November. This latest installment in the franchise looks to give players a taste of the battlefields of World War 2, including several exciting multiplayer modes like Patrol and Champion Hill. The game also includes a new single-player campaign focused on building special forces.

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