Duty Game launches are not generally recognized for their stability; From weapon balancing issues to progress tracking problems and graphical glitches, many cod The titles are a bit short when they first debut. Sledgehammer Games-Developed Call of Duty: Vanguard No exception, but some serious out-of-bounds glitches on the multiplayer sub pane are giving fans some major headaches.

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2008 DLC map reimagined call of Duty World at War, Sub Pen is a forgotten installment in the ‘Pantheon’ series of classic multiplayer maps. Housed within a Japanese naval base, the contrasting style of maps makes it a standout among heritage cod Maps. Unfortunately, as pointed out by Redditor u/dvo94, it’s riddled with bugs that allow players to escape the normal game space.


In the clip, the player is cut out of nowhere, only to realize his attacker was hiding on top of a ceiling in an outdoor space upon seeing the killcam. Although it is quite out-of-the-way territory, there are several other game-breaking out-of-bounds locations available at Sub Pen, the most prominent of which is the catwalk at the other end of the map which makes an excellent place for players. For the sniper’s perch, who haven’t been too honest about how they come off their kills.

Look for it on the sub pane From
cod pawn

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Sub Pen is far from the only map to suffer from these oversight, as maps like the Dome, Oasis, and Castle fall victim to similar flaws. In addition, diligent players can avoid nearly every map due to the infamous “lift” glitch by mounting certain wall corners.

This highlights a bigger issue Call of Duty: Vanguard, The sledgehammer has been surprisingly ineffective at correcting some of the game’s mistakes. While many of the exploits available on Sub Pen are more extreme examples, most maps have at least a few minor bugs. Despite several patches and updates aimed at mitigating these problems, many problems persist after about a month. Pawn release.

Unfortunately, the development team is on a tight schedule. divide somewhat between vanguard And warzone And designed to deliver potentially six seasons’ worth of additional content over the next eleven months, bug-fixing could be on the backburner as the deadline approaches. In fact, vanguardThe first season of is set to begin next week, and, aside from the new Caldera map warzone, Activision and Sledgehammer have largely remained silent about what exactly is involved.

While it is safe to assume that major issues like this will be addressed in due course, some fans may find it concerning that one-twelfth. vanguardThe lifecycle with these problems present is already over. Given the one year lifecycle of Duty Games, persistent issues can stand to destroy the short-lived legacy of the game.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One and PC.

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