part of the recent appeal Duty There’s multiplayer progression, with both unlocking new perks and gear as well as skins for various weapons. call of duty vanguard No different as its weapons all come with various challenges for the players to knockout which then reward different cosmetic skins. The real rewards for many players are upper tier mastered weapon skins like Gold, Diamond and Atomic, which were unlocked before they completed all previous levels.

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Many players are always looking for the fastest ways to unlock these skins, usually done on smaller maps such as adding back recent shipments. call of duty vanguard, Thankfully, the 24/7 Ship Haus playlist was added this weekend, featuring both Shipment and the other small Vanguard map, Das Haus, in a chaotic, never-ending playlist. For those who don’t mind taking consistent action, this playlist represents a great way to gain XP and rank.


However, fans have noticed a slight change, something that hasn’t been reported inside the previous updates from the past weeks, which saw a bigger nerf. call of duty vanguard Gun class weapons. Unfortunately, these changes are likely to affect the amount of XP earned during matches on this playlist as the number of players has been reduced. Blitz pacing was originally set to 8v8, however after a recent update, that number has been reduced to a 7v7 lobby. Attack is now 6v6 while the last option, Tactical, is set to 4v4.

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Call of Duty Vanguard Shipment Gameplay

While there are still a lot of players to invest in this playlist, the fanbase is quite upset by the lack of communication. Additionally, there are those who are disappointed with the low numbers, which would likely mean lower XP and challenge gains, otherwise the player count would have remained. Despite the number of players, fans have faced other issues. call of duty vanguard Playlists, featuring players being added to your mis-pacing lobby as well as broken spawns.

While the community may see this as a high priority issue, Sledgehammer’s focus may be elsewhere for some time. Recently, fans have discovered a glitch with the Dead Drop Field upgrade, an item that allows players to maintain their killstreak scores through death. Once a top kill is earned, players are using the Dead Drop item, which puts them once again 1 kill away from earning a top kill. It also means that they again have access to past murders as well. This is creating an endless barrage of assassins and is no doubt a big issue for multiplayer matches.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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