Call of Duty: VanguardAside from a few weapons and items, the game was fairly balanced at launch. However, a new tool at the disposal of Call of Duty: Vanguard The player is the incendiary grenade, and fans are already expecting to see it.

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one of the most frequent complaints about Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer has had poor visibility. Since the beta, players have claimed that it was too hard to see their enemies because of the fire effects and explosions, and when Sledgehammer made adjustments, other issues emerged. The fact that the two teams share operatives has been another point of contention, as players find it difficult to tell friend from foe. In addition, mortar barrages such as killstreaks cover the map in smoke and dirt, making it even more difficult to see. Now, the incendiary grenade is contributing to the issue.


Lethal equipment is capable of not only dealing damage but burning any enemy standing too close to it, but it is making it harder Call of Duty: Vanguard Players can also watch. While Thermite and Molotov will burn their enemies, the issue with the newer incendiary grenades is that they also serve as smoke grenades. As such, players are getting a lethal and tactical grenade in the same package, in conjunction with something like SubZeroZeusYT ruining the experience for gamers.

This game needs a thermal scope or something to see through the smoke. From
cod pawn

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A Reddit user posted a post suggesting that some sort of counter should be added to the Battle Pass grenade, with one possible solution being adding a new thermal scope that would let players bypass the thermite smoke. While the night vision sights that are currently in play allow players to see through regular smoke, they are useless when it comes to incendiaries. Most players have reached Tier 39 in Battle Pass by now, with the game filling up with incendiary grenades.

While Reddit’s other suggestion of removing incendiary grenades entirely is unlikely, given that they were just added, some sort of rework would clearly be welcome. Currently, grenades do just as much, as their ability to cover areas in smoke while they simultaneously deal damage, making it difficult to see in a game that already has visibility problems. As mentioned in the player’s post, dark Call of Duty: Vanguard Maps like Berlin are now harder to drive, while smaller maps like Shipment are even less enjoyable.

Along with SubZeroZeusYT’s post it also mentioned how the new grenade type is making it harder to grind Call of Duty: VanguardK cameos, it seems that the item has several drawbacks. No matter what the solution, hopefully Sledgehammer Games will accommodate the piece of equipment in future updates.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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