while many Call of Duty: Warzone While fans are excited about the start of the caldera, much is still not known about the points of interest on the Pacific Map. Luckily, there are some newly added calling cards Call of Duty: Warzone Players have a better idea of ​​what’s to come, with new areas being revealed.

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This time, Call of Duty: Warzone Fans have mostly seen shots of the map’s surroundings and heard about its design. While it’s certainly nice to see the map’s beaches and caves, and learning that the development of the map was defined by player feedback about Verdansk, many people take a closer look at the more iconic locations of the caldera. want. Four new calling cards deliver that look, showing off two locations that Raven Software hasn’t revealed yet. Although they are due for a “Secrets of the Pacific” event starting next week, they can be seen in full right now.


Photos collected by @ProRebornYT and compiled by @charlieINTEL. while excited for them Call of Duty: Warzone The Pacific will be familiar with the village huts featured in “Home in Paradise” and “Treasure the Scenery,” it’s other calling cards that are particularly exciting. Both “Hospital Resort” and “Marina Street” should cast doubt on the map, which is not an area like the city of Verdansk, as both profile banners have somewhat more elaborate structures and buildings.

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Starting at the “Hospitable Resort”, players can explore the largest building ever built for the caldera. The multiplayer map from the original is reminiscent of Villa call of Duty Black Ops Due to the colors of the building and the fountain in front of it, the location should prove particularly interesting when it houses the final circle. Players will have plenty of room to hide, and with the resort being so spacious, it can be a good source of money for any fan of loot.

As for “Marina Street”, this area appears to be the most technologically advanced section of the caldera. A bus can be seen in front of a theatre, another area that should be fun to fight to enter the building. A large yellow building is also visible along with a small ice cream shop, ensuring that players find plenty of variety in their surroundings. It remains to be seen whether Caldera will play better than Verdansk, but Raven Software has certainly attempted to give the map an entirely different aesthetic.

whereas Call of Duty: VanguardSeason 1’s delay means players will have to wait a bit longer to explore Caldera, these calling card teasers are sure to keep them excited. With the map only a few weeks away, players will very soon fight Marina Street and loot the resort.

Call of Duty: Warzone Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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