Call of Duty: Warzone Pacifica brought the Caldera map into play, and while it is almost completely different from Verdansk, there is a tram that functions similarly to the old map train. Unknowingly, Call of Duty: Warzone Players have tried to stop this tram, various trials have completely crashed the battle royale game.

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Stopping trains in video games has always been a surprisingly common way for gamers to spend their time. Players who have been disturbing the train for several months gta onlineThey were doing everything to stop the transport vehicle on its tracks. After adding it, Call of Duty: Warzone Fans even tried to stop the train to Verdansk. Although these attempts were unsuccessful, the players enjoyed throwing everything they had on the train – so it’s no surprise that the same mentality is seen with the Caldera Tram.


Call of Duty: Warzone Player and YouTuber DefendTheHouse created a myth-provoking video built entirely around the caldera’s tram, doing everything in his power to stop it from moving. The result is an entertaining video full of memorable trials, in which the final verdict is that the tram cannot be stopped. In fact, if players try too hard to break Call of Duty: WarzoneOf the new Tram, it looks like they’ll break the server they’re running on instead.

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The first attempt at DefendTheHouse saw the player guide an entire server full of people to the dog pile in front of the train. Although it doesn’t work, Call of Duty: Warzone The clip is hilarious, as dozens of players get crushed under a slow-moving tram. It’s even more fun to watch large groups of players being taken down, though after Defend TheHouse laughs, they let the carnage stop and move on to another attempt. This time players use some vehicles.

With so many players working together in servers, it shouldn’t be too surprising that a huge line-up Call of Duty: Warzone Vehicles are grouped together. While the vehicles sit on the tracks, DefendTheHouse launches grenades at the tram, making sure it is being hit with as many explosions as possible. However, this is not the trick. The tram destroys every car and truck that gets in its way, with some passing the tram itself and knocking down players caught inside. Eventually, the game crashes, possibly because of all the explosions.

with so much discussion Call of Duty: WarzoneIn recent times, it’s nice to see a more light-hearted video that shows players enjoying themselves. Depending on the server crashes and all the deaths, however, players may want to leave the tram alone when crossing the caldera.

Call of Duty: Warzone Now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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