Duty Zombies fans have always been a passionate group, the community is not afraid to request and say what it wants. One such request is for Zombie Chronicles 2, in which a Duty The Zombies developer recently responded to comments.

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Zombies Chronicles 2 is one of the most consistently sought after things among zombies fans, and it’s not hard to understand why. The original Zombies Chronicles helped create Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 What many consider to be the best zombie experience ever, as classics like Origins and Ascension were built entirely into the game’s engine. Now, players will want to see a sequel to Zombies Chronicles, added to one of the more recent games, bringing back more classic maps from the mode’s past.


The push for the Fantasy expansion became even more noticeable after insider Tom Henderson reported that Zombies was in development ahead of Chronicles 2’s launch. Call of Duty: Vanguard, Plus, he believes the material is finished and ready to go, with Treyarch just waiting for the right time to release it. However, lead game designer Kevin Drew appears to be not so via a recent tweet, though the same post suggests he wants the expansion to become a reality one day.

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Drew tells Duty Zombies fans should continue to request Zombies Chronicles 2, as fan demands may ultimately influence Activision in giving the project the time and resources needed. However, he clarifies that fans should not demand a reply to every single tweet he posts, as there is an opportune time and place to share such hopes. Too many complaints with Drew also need to be looked into Call of Duty: Vanguard Constantly zombies, it’s easy to imagine social media becoming a toxic place for him.

While Drew jokes about the hope that someone else will make Zombie Chronicles 2 so that he can stop seeing all the requests, it’s good to see that the developer still has interest in the DLC. While some fans are left out, most of the comments come from a place of love. Zombie fans will want the chance to play a version of Tranzit that captures the original villain of Treyarch, with more visually impressive versions of Die Rise and Bury the potential as well. For now, it remains to be seen if the expansion will ever happen.

While Drew’s comments make it clear that players should be more considerate when filling their personal feeds with demands, fans should still make their voices heard on Treyarch and Activision’s official accounts. Based on the developer’s post, Duty Speaking players give Zombies Chronicles 2 a chance to finally become a reality.

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