NS Duty Zombies’ fan base has proven how passionate it is on several occasions over the years, with reproductions and fan art often shared. now one Duty Zombies fans have shown their enduring tributes to the series, as they tattooed Samantha Maxis on their arm.

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For those who are only familiar Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies, the tattoo probably looks nothing like Sam. However, she hasn’t always been the determined adult that she is in the Dark Aether story. In every Treyarch Zombies mode before its latest iteration, Samantha was a monstrous little girl, with call of Duty World at War And call of Duty Black Ops To place him as the leader of the undead. This is exactly the look that Redditor bigsammy was able to replicate with his new tattoo.


Easter eggs from earlier during the moon black Ops The game, widely regarded as one of the best core quests Duty zombies, players get a clear glimpse into Samantha. Young Maxis is shown swimming in the MPD before Richtofen swaps bodies with him and takes control of the undead. With her dark hair, she is wearing a unique outfit that is appropriate for the era when she was born and brought up. She is also seen holding a teddy bear, which is captured in some big Sammy tattoos.

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Teddy bears have played a big part in Zombies, and they are deeply tied to Samantha’s character. The first time players interact with him is in Der Reisse, and it sees them shooting the teddy bear as a game of hide-and-seek. Outside of their role in Fly Trap Easter Eggs, finding three bears has been a common way to activate a map’s Easter egg song. The tattooed bear appears to be wearing an astronaut helmet, with the fan giving another allusion to the moon.

While the black, silhouette-like tattoo would have been cool enough on its own, Samantha is grabbing something else that makes it even better. Sam can be seen with a Wunderwaffe DG-2 on his shoulder, one of the most recognizable wonder weapons in the history of zombies. Created by his nemesis Dr. Edward Richtofen, the gun shoots bolts of lightning that will be chained between enemies. While it can take out a train of zombies and is deadly in the hands of anyone, it’s especially scary to see in Sam’s hands.

With only Samantha Maxis and Edward Richtofen escaping from the Aether universe, Sam is one of the only Zombies characters still active in the new story. As this tattoo shows, it has a long history, and many Duty Zombies fans are definitely glad he’s still around.

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