Can you build centralized islands in a decentralized ocean?

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hello and welcome back equity, a podcast about the business of startups where we uncover the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

We’re coming back full speed this week, so Mary Ann And alex Together Courtesy Behind the scenes on our Friday show. next week Natasha And Chris are back, and we’ll have our regular three-show lineup. Today, however, despite a smaller team, we had as much as we always wanted to munch on:

  • OpenSea’s new fundraiser: Alex did a little fun math on the company’s trading volume and potential revenue totals. The gist is that OpenSea is a big business. But as volatile as NFTs are, charting regular developments will prove difficult.
  • During our crypto chat, we also dug into the Web 2.0 vs Web 3 debate that has been raging.
  • From there we turned to fintech with notes on Petal’s funding round, Ribbit’s new fund, and how Mexican fintech Bankaya is following its target customers through offline methods.
  • Then it was the note to complain about the incompatibility of private and public markets and COVID for a few moments.

We are back on Monday morning! Chat again!

Equities drop every Monday at 7:00 AM PST, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 AM PST, so subscribe to our Apple Podcasts, overcast, Spotify And all races!

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