Can you write 911? Everything you need to know about sending an emergency message.

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In an emergency but can’t call? Instead, try text. That’s right, you can send an instant message to emergency personnel in your area about your emergency.

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This although it varies from county to countyso there is no guarantee and it is best to call when you can. Here’s everything you need to know.

Can you write 911?

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Short answer: yes. The FCC has urged 911 call centers to start accepting wireless messages. However, the decision remains with the individual centers, and not everyone has yet agreed.

A spreadsheet detailing all counties nationwide where 911 texting is available could be found here.

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What happens if you write 911?

If your emergency call center has chosen to send text messages, you will be able to communicate with dispatchers in the same way as if you were calling them. You can write 911 on iPhone or any other wireless mobile device.

The Federal Communications Commission requires all wireless carriers to deliver text messages to call centers that request them. If the service is requested, the provider must provide it within 6 months.

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Key Findings

If you need to call 911 without speaking, you can try sending a text message instead. It may not work depending on your region.

Emergency services urged people to call when they can and only send text messages when needed.

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