it appears that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout As is a very high-profile new fan captain marvelBrie Larson. While the actress is known as a gamer and animal Crossing Fans, the MCU star recently expressed his new love fall friends,

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When Brie Larson first revealed she was so big animal Crossing fans, this surprised even some of her most devout fans. However, over the years, captain marvel The star has solidified his chops as a real gamer, playing a number of different titles on live streams and appearing in videos. Now it appears she is branching out even more into a game that took social media by storm a few years back.


In a recent video, Larson clarified that she has gotten quite excited fall friends, In fact, she said she has a “ridiculous” connection to the game, despite the fact that she came in much later than some of its most dedicated players. She said that she loves the game so much that there is a very good chance that she will make some other videos in which she will be seen playing it.

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Larson said she’s really held back about her feelings for quite some time fall friends, but she thinks she could do something like 15 videos on the subject if that’s what her YouTube followers are about. However, she said that isn’t the only sport she’s interested in, adding that she’s had “a lot of summers” about the industry in general.

Brie Larson didn’t clarify what other games she’s talking about, though it seems like she wants to make sure video games will be a part of her wide array of YouTube videos. In fact, it looks like she hasn’t completely decided what she’ll do when she starts putting out more videos.

Plus a possibility for another game fall friends that she can appear on her channel (and moreover.) animal Crossing) Maybe metroid dread, the actress didn’t love him Metroid The franchise is generally a mystery as she has gone on record that she would love to play Samus if a film based on the character is ever made. She also appeared in a promotion metroid dread Not long after the Nintendo Switch exclusively debuted last year.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Available on PC and PS4 with versions currently in development for PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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