Cat people, there's cool new tech for you at CES 2022, too

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Many new products for your cat aim to make it easier for you to know when your furry friend gets sick.

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Feather CES 2022, Pet-Tech Company PurrSong announces a trio of new products For the purpose of tracking your cat’s well-being. If you have a cat, you already know that they can be experts at hiding their ailments. It’s not always quickly apparent that your furry friend is sick. But the sooner you know they’re subject to the weather, the sooner you can get help from them.

To help monitor your cat’s health, PurrSong is releasing a water dispenser that tracks water consumption, a litter box that tracks your cat’s weight and bathroom habits, and an activity Tracker that can collect data on your cat’s movement and sleep patterns. The idea is that any and all of this data can help you visualize your cat’s daily routine and, more importantly, quickly notice when they break that routine.

PurrSong LavvieWater LavvieTag CES 2022

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LavvieTag is a small activity tracker that fits on the collar. And LavvieWater is a water dispenser that can track how much water your cat drinks.

If PurrSong sounds familiar, that’s because the company launched at CES 2019 $900 Lovebot S, a self-cleaning litter box that automatically refills the litter. Joining the LavvieBot S in PurrSong’s 2022 lineup is the LavvieWater, a filtered water dispenser that tracks your cat’s water intake. The water is circulated without a motor and the water is filtered to reduce scale build-up.

PurrSong is also launching a new litter box called the LavvieBox. This is an open air box that can be modified into three different physical setups depending on your cat’s preference. LavvieBox can track your cat’s urine and bowel movements data and weight patterns. It comes equipped with an air purifier to reduce odor and dust, but unlike the LavvieBot S, it’s not a self-cleaning box.

Rounding out the new trio is LavvieTag, an activity tracker on the collar that collects data on your cat’s activity. That data is analyzed to determine four main patterns: resting, grooming, walking and running. The LavvieTag is lightweight and lasts up to four weeks on a single charge.

Even the biggest cat lover may wonder what to do with all this data. To make it more understandable and useful, PurrSong is launching AI. The Doolittle app, which analyzes all the data collected and uses machine learning to detect any potential health problems.

Based on veterinarians’ diagnosis results, PurrSong states that AI. Doolittle is 90% accurate. The company expects to increase the accuracy to over 95% by the end of the year.

PurrSong isn’t the only company bundling pet health tech with water bowls and cat litter boxes. Gadgets can be exciting but the most important aspect of any high-tech pet content is the accuracy of the data collected. We’ll have to wait and test these new products by PurrSong to see if they live up to the hype.

Luckily the wait won’t be long. LavvieTag will be released between now and March and should cost around $99. LavvieBox and LavvieWater will be out this spring and will cost $199 for the water dispenser and $249 for the litter box.

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