playstation plus Both is one of the video game industry’s most popular and most controversial subscription services. PS Plus customers are constantly discussing the value of games offered as part of service, balancing the value of games provided with the value of the required subscription required to play online games on the PlayStation platform. A new chart shared on Reddit aims to help PS Plus customers decide whether they are getting their money’s worth from the service.

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The chart in question shared by Reddit user Harry Nohara does a clever job of quite simply. It takes all games offered through PlayStation Plus in 2021 and then tracks their “real value.” They do this through three columns measuring each game’s lowest price on the PlayStation Store, its lowest price on the PlayStation Store, and its “lowest basis,” meaning its highest price without taking into account temporary discounts. Low Price.


According to the chart, a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus in 2021 provided the value of buying 35 games, if only when measuring their lowest discounted prices, $601.75. This is like their lowest price ever. If users paid full price for all 35 games in 2021, they would be worth $1,302.15. In other words, by way of an agnostic measure of price, PS Plus offers almost 10 times the value of a $59.99 12-month subscription.

PS Plus 2021 Actual Price From
playstation plus

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Of course, PlayStation Plus customers know that this is a completely foolproof way to measure true value. That’s because most PS Plus customers don’t want many if not most of the games offered to them, nor will they play all the games they think are interesting. A better measure would be to go down the list for each individual customer and sum up the value of the games they play. Or, even better, they enjoyed the games they played, and believed they would have bought otherwise.

A true measure of value probably sees each PlayStation Plus subscriber, which has nothing to do with free games, but rather the amount of time and enjoyment they get from playing online games on the PlayStation platform. Free games are, in many ways, Sony’s way of obscuring that it requires the PS Plus to play online games.

Nevertheless, the chart serves an important purpose. This helps give PlayStation Plus subscribers an idea of ​​what they’re getting from their annual subscription. $60 for 12 months of PS Plus isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, especially if it’s discounted, but it’s still $60. Some customers may be able to look at this chart and see that they no longer need to spend that money. Alternatively, some may realize how much they are actually getting from them. PS More membership, and therefore may reconsider engaging in monthly hostile discourse.

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