China announced new video game law in August designed to limit the amount of time minors can play online games League of Legends. Now, the country has reportedly also slowed down its video game approval process and called for the need to avoid games with “the wrong set of values,” which include a lot of violence and those involving men. While this may sound strange, China has in the past shown a negative attitude towards flamboyant male characters, such as League of Legends Character Tariq.

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It could be argued that China has the toughest stance on video games in the world, as new video game rules allow Chinese minors to play online games for just three hours a week. China previously required developers to remove skeleton and LGBT+ content from games before allowing them to be released in the country, but this is the first time that negativity toward holy men has been made an official policy.


Reportedly, officials have ordered gaming companies and platforms to investigate new games more closely and remove pornographic and violent content as well as content that encourages unhealthy tendencies such as money-worship and sanity. These new guidelines also call for opposing potential monopolies, for game design that encourages avoidance of addiction, for new rules about livestreaming, and for new restrictions on ads involving celebrity endorsements. While these new guidelines are about to go into effect, Chinese cryptominers are reportedly selling high-end GPUs for cheap.

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League of Legends Tariq Chinese Feature

Apparently, actions against men in video games stem from the belief that vulnerable men are physically weak and emotionally weak, making them unable to defend the country from threats. It’s interesting that they appear to extend this to Tariq, The Shield of Valoran, a longtime member. League of Legends The Rooster is known for his two, equally spectacular looks – both of which were replaced in China by a more standard, heavily armored look that also gives him a more serious expression.

Whether she’s sporting gorgeous gemstone-studded armor or a deep V-neck and crystal accessories, Tariq has been a durable frontline healer since 2009, and Riot recently confirmed she’s bisexual. This did not stop Tariq from taking an oath to protect the entire League of Legends Setting against otherworldly threats, an impressive ambition even among the rest League of Legends the champion

Allegedly, some Chinese leaders may see gaming as creating or contributing to the softening of the character of the country’s young men. Whether or not there is any evidence for this conclusion appears to be unclear at present. These beliefs can help gamers understand why Nintendo is the video game market leader in China.

League of Legends Currently available on PC.

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