It’s no secret that livestreaming, whether it’s on TwitchFacebook Gaming, or YouTube Gaming, offers a very personal look into a streamer’s life. Twitch’s “Just Chatting” category has become the platform’s most popular in large part because of how deep-seated individual Twitch streamers can get. A streamer’s audience may know more about a dreamer than their friends and family. There’s no better example of this than the recent Twitch stream, where the streamer told viewers he’d lose his sense of taste and smell.

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Twitch streamer was taking a break from playing EtherealWii pokemon brilliant diamond To pour myself some tea. After pouring from his thermos, the EtherealWii took in a deep smell of his freshly brewed tea, a sharp, “ahh.” However, his eyes quickly grew bigger and he pulled his cup up again for another smell. Here, the EtherealWii says an extravagance and pause before inhaling one more smell of the cup and then another smell of the thermos itself. “No!” What he says before finally laying his head on his hand. “I just lost my taste and smell. My smell!”


For those unfamiliar, losing the sense of taste and smell is a common and early sign of contracting the COVID-19 virus. EtherealWii had previously confirmed that he had tested positive for COVID-19 on November 26. What EtherealWii viewers were able to see is a new symptom that is hitting the Twitch streamer almost a week after his first positive COVID-19 test.

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The very nature of EtherealWii shows what it means to be a Twitch streamer. Given the potential gravity of the situation, fans can expect a very serious and potentially emotional reaction. Instead, EtherealWii treats the situation fervently, reacting with humor more than anything else. This is in line with how EtherealWii has treated the condition going back to his initial positive test, however, he has essentially been livestreamed in the past four days as being COVID-19 positive.

Some people who have seen this clip believe that EtherealWii is spoofing feedback, or that they already knew they would lose their sense of smell and taste and decided to make a Twitch clip out of it. It is certainly possible, but it looks like EtherealWii is just not ready for the situation and is doing its best to stay positive for its audience.

For the time being, EtherealWii has confirmed that she is indeed COVID-19 positive, as much as viewers of her stream or this clip might expect is just a misconception. EtherealWii explained that he was feeling very sick when he first got tested, so here’s hoping that EtherealWii is testing negative soon and doesn’t have any more symptoms. It just goes to show that Twitch Streamers have real life, displayed in real time.

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