Cloud9 is a popular . Is Play The organization boasts high-level professional teams in many different competitive sports. Some of its notable teams play competitively in titles such as: overwatch, League of Legends, And counter Strike Global Offensive, With so many highly skilled players associated with the organization, it is not surprising that many gamers follow these Cloud9 affiliated teams. Recently, the organization announced a new partnership that gives players the chance to pick up some new exclusive gear.

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In a post on Twitter, Cloud9 announced that it is collaborating with the popular media franchise the smurfs, “You probably weren’t expecting something like this, but we definitely smiled with this collab,” the tweet read. In addition to posting an announcement message, Cloud9 also released a video on Twitter celebrating the collaboration. The clip shows two players losing in a competitive game. Suddenly, one of the gamers came up with a brilliant idea to invite his friend, “a Smurf”. The video gamer went on to reveal Smurf, the main character featured in most of the gear in the collab.


It brings a lot of new merchandise on partnership basis the smurfs to Cloud9. in the middle the smurfs-Themed gear, fans can buy various hoodies, t-shirts and hats. These specially designed team wear include classic colors associated with the popular franchise, as well as pictures of the gamer smurf and/or the word “smurfing”. there’s even a special the smurfs x Cloud9 PUMA Jersey is available for purchase.

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While there are many different articles of clothing in this new exclusive Cloud9 line of gear, it also includes a few other products. Gamers can choose from the smurfs-themed mousepad, plus a Velcro patch with a picture of Gamer Smurf. In addition, special stickers are available.

Despite what seemed like an unlikely partnership, the deal between the groups makes some sense. In addition to being the names of popular television/movie characters, the word “smurf” has many connections to video games as well. While the term can be used negatively when a skilled gamer creates an alternate account to defeat lower-ranked players, it has a more positive use in the world of professional esports. By this second definition, it means when a team strongly beats another higher-level team.

It’s not the only eSports organization to recently announce a collaboration with a popular media franchise. Last month, Cloud9’s rival Team Liquid announced a collaboration with Naruto Chain. This partnership brought exclusive new merchandise to the organization based on the popular franchise

It’s always interesting to see what kind of collaborations top-level esports organizations engage in to encourage fans to buy their wares. With Cloud9’s new line the smurfs With products available, it will be interesting to see if other organizations respond with their own specific involvement.

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