Developer Stray Bombay’s first title, anacrusis, is ready to release within a week. In anticipation of the title’s release, Stray Bomb has released a video that shows the first 15 minutes of the game. left 4 Dead Inspired cooperative shooter. For the unfamiliar, anacrusis Follows a group (up to four players) who are making their way around a stranded starship and have to fight a group of aliens.

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left 4 Dead Early gameplay draws from trailers shown for comparison anacrusis Where players fight hordes of aliens while fighting special enemies. This new gameplay video from Stray Bombe and IGN shows off a little more of the gameplay and how it’s starting to fall apart left 4 Dead,


The most noticeable difference here is the setting. anacrusis set on a giant starship in space that took off Hunt vibes because of its elegant-alike exterior. The choice of colors used in the first episode alone gives the environment and settings a completely different tone to what players typically see in other cooperative shooters, where they have to navigate abandoned and broken-down cities.

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At a time where players would love to play left 4 Dead 2 From back 4 bloodIt is imperative to improve the gameplay and fun factor. Of course, as mentioned earlier, anacrusis Still in early access and what was shown in this video will change over time. Although apart from the enemies, anacrusis Demonstrated some of the various weapons and abilities that players will be able to pick up throughout their season, including a fun-looking plasma beam.

So far, for the reception of anacrusis The video has been mixed with most commentators citing the uninspired UI and missing animations as the reason for their overwhelming response. This may change later down the line although more features and gameplay elements are added. Although it stands anacrusis There is such an uphill battle ahead rainbow six extraction Released on Game Pass in less than two weeks.

anacrusis Game Pass is also set to arrive on day one and has started building on its fanbase, in a matter of days with its release. Developer Stray Bombe recently talked up the title’s infinite replay value due to a system called AI Driver, which changes enemy, health kit and item locations each time players load at the same level. If it plays out as promised, it could provide players with a lot of extra replay value.

anacrusis Releases January 13th for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

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