Collect and combine some 1200 monsters in creature RPG Siralim Ultimate

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If you’re a fan of creature collection and intense RPG mechanics, I have a game for you: Siralim Ultimate, the latest release in the indie RPG series of monster collection and combination games. It’s about building a party of powerful monsters, combining the best of other, more powerful monsters, throwing them into 6v6 monster battles, and using them to clear not only a main story but procedurally generated dungeons Is.

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Siralim Ultimate is the fourth game in the series, with the last three games being released in the last five years. It spent the last few months in Early Access, and has 95% positive reviews as of writing. Ultimate has a lot going on, with over 1200 creatures, each with their own unique abilities, all of which can be combined into millions of permutations, and ultimately influenced by each of 30 different character classes. You can also… and much more.

There are artifacts to equip your creatures, and gems are magic, and honestly I believe the developers when they say that those dedicated enough can play this game forever. It’s rare that I don’t call bull-hunky on the phrase “infinite end-game content,” but I’m pretty sure you’ll get tired of Siralim Ultimate before you run out of stuff to do.


Siralim Ultimate costs $20 US . Is on steam, where there is a 10% discount till December 10, 2021.

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