Comic stores – Your guide to finding and appreciating your local comic shop

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So you want to see what one of those fictional comic book stores is really like. Like record stores and gaming stores, comic book shops are all over the world – offering the latest comics from Marvel and DC, popular manga releases, the beloved Dog Man graphic novel, and more. In many cases, comic shops stock decades-old comic books and merchandise related to your favorite characters.

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According to industry estimates, there are over 3,000 comic stores in North America alone – a network of independent businesses sometimes referred to as the ‘Direct Market’. That’s far more than Barnes & Nobles, Books-a-Millions, and independent bookstores. While some cases are regional comic store chains, local comic shops are mainly owned by people like you – people who love comics.


In an era when digital comics have become as readily available as print comics (and in some cases more), comic book shops allow for more personal experiences and direct contact with comic book fans and experts (local COVID-19 patients). -19 following safety ordinances, of course).

Here’s what you need to know – some you didn’t even know you needed!

Are Comic Book Stores Friendly to New Comic Fans?

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Despite the myths propagated by The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory that comic stores are reluctant, on average they are the polar opposite—an all-inclusive space with a diverse array of comics of all genres and eras.

One of the most unique aspects of this informal network of comic shops is that generally, no two comic shops are alike. Beyond mere name, each comic shop decides on its own focus, sometimes catering specifically to comic fans, while in other cases reaching out to RPG enthusiasts and card collectors — heck, even. That there are also some comic shops that have working coffee bars!

When do new comic books sell out at comic shops?

Comic book shops typically have sales of new comic books on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for DC products and Wednesdays for Marvel, Image Comics, and the rest of the comic book industry. There are occasional exceptions to that rule, so check with your local comic shop to find out how they handle release dates.

Where can I find a comic shop?

One of the larger North American retailers has set up an easy-to-use website called To help people find comic shops nearby. There’s also a separate feature for finding comic shops outside of North America.

And if all else fails, there’s always Google.

Do comic shops order online with in-store pickup?

In some cases, comic stores will offer this option – it depends on the store and the item. More and more, some shops are using third-party services like pull the box Or comichub To offer online ordering.

Do Comic Shops ship comics by mail?

Some comic shops offer this service, where you can have your comic books and graphic novels mailed to you weekly, monthly, or on your own schedule. Again, these services may be offered on a case-by-case basis, however, some comic shops such as Midtown Comics And mile high comics There are strong mail-order services – including shipping back issues, collectible comics, and comics-related merchandise – along with up-to-date releases.

If you’re looking for comics strictly by mail, those stores – as well as Discount Comic Book Services – Can meet almost all your comic book needs.

Do comic shops have seasonal events?

The comic book shop has become such a community that they actually have their own holidays.

Although Hallmark has not yet issued a greeting card for any of these celebrations, the first Saturday in May is traditionally Free Comic Book Day – a day where publishers produce free comics for comic shops to encourage reading. To be. The next Free Comic Book Day is set for May 7, 2022.

Meanwhile, Halloween has become a comic-focused holiday thanks to the Halloween Comic Fest. The 2021 event has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, although free Halloween and horror-themed comics are expected for the month of October at participating comic stores when things go awry.

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