Computing pioneer Dr Sophie Wilson and how her work inspired Raspberry Pi

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Dr. Sophie Wilson CBE is one of the most important people in computer history, whose list of achievements is as long as your arm. His Influence Is Such That You Probably Have Some Of This Article On Devices With It: Together with Steve Fuber, he designed the first ARM processors at Acorn, the chips that now run nearly every mobile phone and tablet.

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In the above video posted by Cambridge Computer Lab, Dr. Wilson talks about his upbringing, what led him to computer science, and the creation of the BBC microcomputer, especially in this video. She is now a research fellow at Broadcom, where she designs microprocessors.

It is full of interesting things and one particular joy is the memory of childhood in a house “where my parents made almost everything”, and how her parents dealt with the challenges they faced in life: by making more stuff. .


It’s a remarkable story and the video then moves on to Eben Upton, an alumnus of the Computer Lab at the University of Cambridge and also the designer of the Raspberry Pi, discussing how the BBC Micro influenced his life, and aspects of it. carried forward. In the philosophy of Raspberry Pi. Upton’s focus on the practical side of the device, the requirement that kids can “put it in their bag and take it out of their bag a thousand times”, is the kind of design thinking that’s led the Pi in all kinds of unexpected places. Will do

It’s a really cool video anyway, and if you haven’t been into Dr. Wilson’s history, it’s a perfect introduction to the work of a remarkable man who sits beneath the massive amount of technology we use today. . If all the Black Friday deals are letting you down then make a cuppa, sit back, relax and learn. Discount can wait.

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