Microsoft recently celebrated its 20th anniversary xbox console, and it was a huge celebration. hello infinityK multiplayer was launched surprisingly, and many older games were made backwards compatible with the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, including timesplitter 2 And Timesplitter: Future Perfect,

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Microsoft wants to make sure everyone knows about the Xbox’s long legacy and the games that put it on the map today. To that effect, it teamed up with Netflix for a publicity stunt called Xbox Vault and of course Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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The promotion takes the form of a sweepstakes in which players can enter to win prizes themed around Xbox and new Netflix movies. red notice, which stars Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds alongside Johnson. Johnson plays an FBI profiler hunting art thieves on the show, and it’s tied to how players enter sweepstakes. They have to go to the virtual version of Xbox Vault and answer all the trivia questions about the items there. The more they get it right, the more entries they get in sweepstakes. Playing the new backwards compatible games for Xbox 76 can help.

The prizes in question are varied and interesting to say the least. On the lower end, there are 1,000 trading cards for red notice Which come with a limited Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code, and 20 . Huh red notice-Themed Xbox Series X console. Then three Cleopatra eggs are modeled after a prop from the show and, finally, the grand prize: an oil painting of the rock rendering the original Xbox. After all, The Rock introduced the first Xbox console, and now players can own immortal moments on canvas. Many fans would consider that a much better advert than what Walmart released using the Xbox.

It’s definitely a weird way to have a sweepstakes and a weird tie-in, made a little less awkward by Johnson’s involvement. Considering the fact that Xbox Game Pass was originally conceived as a rental service, this probably won’t be the last time Xbox and Netflix collaborate.

Whatever the case, it’s a little unfortunate that this is a Netflix movie xbox Chose to focus on collaboration. whereas red notice While by no means terrible, the general consensus is that this is absolutely not the best time for any of its three leads.

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