Cookie Run: Kingdom remains one of the most popular free-to-play games on mobile devices, making the jump to the top 100 Google Play free-to-play apps in September and has remained there ever since. Released in early 2021 by South Korean developer Devsisters, the latest release from the RPG and long-running cookie run The franchise is hoping to capitalize on its recent success and climb up the ranks even more. On October 8th, a new update for Devsisters is planned to be released Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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in a new Cookie Run: Kingdom Trailer titled “Interdimensional Super Mayhem” DevSisters revealed that an upcoming October 8 update for the mobile game will focus on a showdown between Mala Sauce Cookie and Twizzly Gummy Cookie and her band of misfits. Players will help Garland in all dimensions in the form of “Cosmic Criminal” Twizzly Gummy Cookie attacks. Their fight will take place in the home of Mala’s Dragon Valley, a familiar location going back to the original place. cookie run Play.


Little is known about the pure ingredients that will be included in Cookie Run: Kingdom Updates for the Mala Sauce Cookie and Twizzly Gummy Cookie. Since then Cookie Run: Kingdom There is a gacha game at heart, players will be able to draw for these new cookies. DevSisters noted that the Mala Sauce cookie will be able to increase the critical hit percentage of the party’s two cookies with the highest critical hit percentage. The teaser doesn’t specifically show this, rather the garland sauce cookie impressed the entire party.

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What other content players will be waiting for Cookie Run: Kingdom Mala and Twizzly update, they just have to wait and find out. Hopefully this world will feature a whole new area for exploration, Dragon Valley, and will be accompanied by a healthy story expansion and Dark Edition. This must mean a new allotment of Coins, Kingdom XP, and Cookie XP to earn.

NS cookie run The franchise officially started in 2013. The first game in the series was downloaded an astonishing 87 million times. Since then, Devsisters has released Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, a crossover with the earlier DevSisters franchise, cookie war, And Cookie Run: Puzzle World. Cookie Run: KingdomDevelopment was almost shelved, but the success of the former spin-off helped restart its development.

Expect to hear more about Cookie Run: Kingdom, its upcoming October 8 update includes the Mala Sauce Cookie and Twizzly Gummy Cookie, and more to come in the coming months. Weirdly, this is just the start of a bigger push from DevSisters to continue climbing the charts.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Now available on iOS and Android devices.

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