The growth and popularity of streaming over the past decade has seen platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook attempt to consolidate large chunks of the space between both creators and viewers. In the case of the former, there has been a competition to sign some of the most popular streamers to multi-year deals as a way to grow the respective platform. However, this then leaves the question of what streamers will do after those contracts expire, a question one of YouTube’s tentpole streamers has answered.

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The streamer in question here is Jack Dunlop, better known as CouRageJD to an online audience. Co-owner of 100 Thieves and longtime streamer, CouRage was the first major name to sign with YouTube Gaming in 2019 as the video platform looked to increase its own footprint in the streaming space. At the time, CouRage expressed his excitement about moving to YouTube for the stability it would provide him as a content creator as well as the flexibility to offer more content outside of gaming.


CouRage’s decision appears to have paid off as the streamer confirmed on Twitter that he will be with YouTube Gaming for the foreseeable future. He said signing with YouTube was one of the “best decisions” he made in 2019 and that streamers DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and fellow 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae were excited to see the platform grow. He said he was excited to be able to offer more content beyond gaming between his livestreams, two dedicated YouTube channels, and his new YouTube Shorts channel.

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CouRageJD didn’t say how long the new deal with YouTube was worth, though it wouldn’t be surprising if it was a longer deal than their first two-year deal.

This news is the first of what is likely to be a tidal wave of announcements from many streamers whose contracts have either expired or have already expired. The aforementioned Valkyra has mentioned several times on stream, most recently that her deal with YouTube is expiring shortly in January 2022 and has been teasing viewers about whether or not she will stay on YouTube. Disguised Toast, on the other hand, announced that his two-year contract with Facebook Gaming has ended and teased his return to Twitch for the time being.

It also highlights the impact of streaming on the entertainment world over the years for such announcements to attract this level of attention. Brand deals and sponsorships with companies like State Farm and Verizon seemed like a dream when Twitch launched in 2011, but is now the norm with names like CouRageJD, DrLupo, Valkyrae, Pokimane, Ludwig, and more. Propagating to benefit both himself and his. host forum. As long as streaming continues to grow and provide a unique opportunity for promotion, this situation will prevail and potentially intensify the race to close these names.

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