Development for Bob’s recent work Studio Toys fans may have something to look forward to as some job postings hint at a new project. Although vague, the job posting indicates ActivisionThe -owned company appears to be hiding something important.

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Activision Blizzard is a well-known name in the gaming industry, maintaining several popular franchises in its development studio. Recently the studio has shifted all of its known development resources to an exclusive bestseller franchise, Duty,


Toys for Bob is famous for skylanders Chain, spiro series remake, and mod crash Bandicoot When the studio transitioned to becoming a development support studio for games Call of Duty: Warzone, some fans assumed that the studio would not work on other projects, as its resources were focused on warzone, However, this may not be the case, as new job postings on the Toys for Bob careers site are potentially non-profitable.DutyRelated posts.

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Most other jobs on the Toys for Bob careers website specifically list themselves as being Duty-related, but a few notable exceptions stand out. Several positions are in the art segment, with applications open for one environmental artist and one senior concept artist. These posts do not specify what game they are for, which means that theoretically a new project could be in the works. Such a project, unlike more general applications, is only speculation for now, but has a basis for its existence as so many studios are working on it. Duty Activision may again be looking to expand beyond a single franchise.

Activision is currently wrapped up in troubling conditions, with employees leaving the company due to a toxic work environment and other employees petitioning for the removal of Bobby Kotick as CEO. Even though Toys For Bob is working on something new and exciting, the high volume of allegations against key executives at the studio’s parent company will have a negative impact on the company’s overall image.

Even if Bobby Kotick decides to leave Activision, the other problematic executives he appoints may remain after he leaves. Until the situation is fully resolved, some Toys for Bob fans may be hesitant to buy from the Activision-owned studio. Still, the projected project appears to be in its early stages, so time will tell if more is known until the issues are resolved.

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