Create the mythic history of humanity in this colony builder

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The upcoming colony sim TFM: The First Men has an interesting idea: what if you’re in charge of the first people? Starting with the first two people, you’ll take on the task of building a base for your people just as in other city builders or colony sims, but you’ll also be in the world as people parties to explore RPG-style adventures. Will send in

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It’s a neat twist that offers something beyond your typical colony builder basics. The idea that your characters are part of a story that as it progresses, and that becomes part of the living world, is a new one for a colony builder. Rimworld lets you chase stories and build them around your characters, but it’s not an overall campaign on a series of custom maps.

In addition to campaign maps, TFM will include skirmish maps like the 4x game. It will also have more “roguelike” procedurally generated maps with custom constraints.


The creators of the Gathering Tree cite the classic Knights and Merchants as well as Rimworld as inspiration. I’m very interested: this is a really hard style to make, let’s go right. But, hell, give me a colony builder with ghosts and the part of my lizard brain that’s always wanted to play Dwarf Fortress will be interested.

TFM: The First Men will be released sometime Spring 2022 on Steam.

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