How to back up Android contacts

Losing your contacts can be a messy situation, so save yourself some trouble!

Looking for a way to back up Android contacts? The days of asking Facebook friends to send you their points are long gone. Transferring your contacts one by one is also not really necessary anymore. There are several ways to back up your Android contacts. Some are convenient, and some aren’t, but there’s no reason you should lose all your contacts now. We’re here to help you find the best method, so let’s get started.

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Device manufacturers will often organize and name the setting differently. Some of the step-by-step instructions in this post may differ from those on your smartphone.

Back up Android Contacts to your Google Account

This is the easiest and most convenient way to ensure that your contacts are always backed up. Since Google has Android, its services integrate very well with popular mobile operating systems. One of the many benefits you can enjoy is saving your contacts on Google’s servers.

Google will sync your contacts continuously. This includes all existing contacts, as well as contacts you add or remove at any time. Whether your phone suddenly crashes, stops working, or you need to switch devices, people who back up Android contacts to their Google Account will always have their numbers in the cloud and ready for download.

  1. From your Android device, go to Adjustment app.
  2. Choose Accounts the option.
  3. Find your Gmail or Google account. Select it.
  4. go into account sync.
  5. Make sure Contact is checked on.
  6. open to Contact app.
  7. Tap on the 3-Line Menu button.
  8. Choose Adjustment.
  9. Beat Google Contacts Sync Settings.
  10. under which Sync device contacts too, Choose manage settings.
  11. toggle Automatically backup and sync device contacts.

Back up Android contacts using SD card or USB storage

Some people prefer things the old fashioned way or don’t trust the cloud. This is why using external storage to back up Android contacts is another main way to keep your numbers safe and sound. You can do this from an SD card or any USB storage device.

  1. open your Contact app.
  2. Press the 3-line menu button and go in Adjustment.
  3. Choose export.
  4. Choose where you want to store your contact files. In this case, it will be somewhere on your SD card or USB storage unit.
  5. Follow the instructions and keep your storage device in a safe place. You can also store it in your cloud service and pull it whenever needed.

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Back Up Android Contacts to Your SIM Card

The latest Android devices make it more complicated to store contacts on your SIM card. Google’s official Contacts app now only allows contacts import from SIM card, but not export. Similarly, you can no longer add contacts to your SIM card individually from the said app. This may be because the process is considered unnecessary, as we now have more convenient alternatives.

Some of you may be using manufacturer-made Contacts apps, which may still allow you to transfer contacts to your SIM card. It’s the same with Samsung’s Contacts app. If you’re using Samsung’s app, all you have to do is hit the 3-line menu button, go to manage contacts, Beat Import/Export Contact, Choose export, choose Sim Card, and tap export.

The process may be similar to other non-Google Contacts apps.

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using a third party app

A plethora of third party apps make backing up Android contacts easy. there is Titanium Backuphandjob easy backup, and many more. check them out!

How to Back Up Your Android Phone

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