Sometimes, I just want to use my mp3 as ringtone or notification alert. That wasn’t always the case, but doing so has become an easy feat with Android. This guide will show you how to set an mp3 file as a custom ringtone or notification sound. Let’s fix it.

How to set MP3 file as ringtone or notification sound:

  • requirements
  • trim mp3 files
  • set mp3 as ringtone
  • as mp3 notification sound
  • set ringtone for specific contacts


You don’t need much to set mp3 file as ringtone or notification sound. Technically, the only requirements are an Android phone and an MP3 file. You may need an Internet connection, depending on whether you have the MP3 stored locally. You may also need a PC and additional software to trim the audio file.

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Trimming an MP3 File

You really don’t want the whole song to be played as a ringtone. Well, you can, and if you do you can skip this step. However this will not always be the case. Most of the times, you’ll want to listen to only a specific part of a song or mp3 audio. There are tons of software you can use to trim your audio files, such as Adobe Audition, Reaper, and Pro Tools. However, we’ll touch on just a few options to make things simpler; One for PC and one for Android.

How to Trim MP3 Files with Audacity:

  1. Download, Install and Launch audacity. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.
  2. go for File > Import > Audio.
  3. Select the MP3 you want to find.
  4. Use the selection tool and the cursor to highlight the part of the audio you want to have as your ringtone.
  5. Once a section is selected, you can just press the space bar to play that part and make sure you like it.
  6. click now Edit > Delete Special > Trim Audio.
  7. Only the section you selected will remain.
  8. press F5 to activate time shift tool and drag your audio to the beginning of the timeline.
  9. I would also recommend using using fade in and fade out at the beginning and at the end. These options can be accessed by going to effect Menu.
  10. now go File > Export choose more mp3.
  11. Move the file to your smartphone.

How to Trim MP3 Files with Music Editor:

  1. Download, Install and Launch Music Editor from Google Play Store.
  2. tap on trim audio the option.
  3. Select the song you want to convert to phone ringtone.
  4. Drag the sliders to select the part of the song you want to keep as a ringtone. Green is a beginning and red is an end.
  5. You can use the media controls below to get a preview.
  6. Beat floppy disk icon top-right.
  7. Choose a name for the new file.
  8. Beat Okay.

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How to set an MP3 file as a ringtone

Now that your MP3 song is trimmed properly, it’s time to get it ready for prime time. Here’s how to set it as ringtone! Keep in mind that this process is done using stock Android on a Pixel device running Android 11. Specific steps may vary slightly depending on your phone.

  1. Download or transfer the song you want to set as ringtone on your phone. This can be done via USB, direct download, or any cloud storage solution of your choice. If you use a service like Google Play Music, download the MP3 file to your device.
  2. open to Adjustment app.
  3. go for sound and vibration.
  4. Choose advanced.
  5. Beat phone ringtone.
  6. go for my voice.
  7. If your ringtone doesn’t appear, hit + button in the lower-right corner.
  8. Find the song and select it.
  9. Beat save.

The steps will be different if you are using an older device. here you go!

  1. Download or transfer mp3 to your phone.
  2. Using the File Manager app, move your song to Ringtone folder.
  3. open to Adjustment app.
  4. Choose sound and notifications.
  5. tap on phone ringtone.
  6. Your new ringtone should appear in the list of music options. Select it.

How to set mp3 file as notification sound?

Notifications explode more commonly than ringtones, so it’s important to give them your personal touch. The process is very similar, but here’s a step-by-step guide to make things easier for you.

  1. open to Adjustment app on your Android phone.
  2. Choose sound and vibration.
  3. tap on advanced.
  4. Beat default notification sound.
  5. go for my voice.
  6. If your ringtone doesn’t appear, hit + button in the lower-right corner.
  7. Find the song and select it.
  8. Beat save.

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set mp3 ringtone for specific contacts

It’s also possible to set an individual ringtone for each contact in the stock Contacts app:

    1. Launch the Contacts app and open the contact’s info page.
  1. Press the 3-dot menu button in the upper-right corner.
  2. tap on set ringtone.
  3. Select the ringtone you want to use for that contact.