If you spend a lot of money on a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, you’ll probably want a case to protect it. Plus, your ever-growing collection of Switch games will need protection and organization as well, and a case is the perfect way to do that. You can get a case to protect your Switch while playing, a carrying case to pack it securely while traveling, or both. Check out the best Nintendo Switch cases we’re loving right now.

best nintendo switch cases

best switch cases

  • Finty Carry Case
  • tomtok carry case
  • AmazonBasics Vault Case
  • mumba carrying case
  • hyperx chargeplay clutch
  • Skull & Co Grip Case Set
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild Case
  • PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag

best switch light case

  • Orzly Switch Light Accessories Bundle
  • JETech Switch Lite Grip Case

Finty Carry Case

Finty Carry Case Lightweight and convenient for travel. The hard outer shell protects your Nintendo Switch from accidental drops or bumps. Then the soft interior and elastic straps keep your Switch in the case scratch-free. Elastic straps keep your Switch in place even if you accidentally drop the case. Also, the case is water-resistant as well.

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The game storage sheet inside the case can fit up to 10 game cartridges. There’s also a zipped mesh pocket that can fit extra joy-cons, cables, and other small items.

The best part about this case is how many design options there are. The galaxy design of the top carrying case looks awesome, but they have some other great designs too.

tomtok carry case

If your style is slim and sleek, then tomtok carry case is perfect for you. This case is the thinnest I’ve seen on the market.

And even though it’s slim, it can still protect your Switch from accidental bumps and scratches. The hard outer shell of the case has raised areas above the joystick and buttons to prevent impact in those areas. If that’s not enough for you, you’ll be happy to know that TomTalk’s switch case has passed the military-standard drop test.

Also, there is a soft interior to protect the screen from scratches. And the internal storage flap elastic pocket can hold 10 game cartridges. If you want to take your Switch and some games with you, this is a great option. You won’t be able to fit in the extra joy-cons, cables, etc., but you will have the essentials.

AmazonBasics Vault Case

AmazonBasics Vault Case for Switch Quite a basic product, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the amount of protection your Switch can provide. It has cutouts in the padding that fit around the joystick and buttons, giving them extra protection from accidental drops or bumps.

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The case’s heavy-duty hard outer shell will protect your switches and accessories. You can fit your Switch with pleasure-cons as well as eight-game cartridges. Unfortunately, the opaque cover for your cartridge makes it difficult to see which game is which, but it’s a minor quibble for such a high-quality system.

Mumba Carrying Nintendo Switch Case

If you’re all about safety and security for your Switch, mumba carrying case is perfect for you. In addition to the high quality hard outer shell, the case is also compatible with most protective cases that fit directly around the Switch console itself.

it is not compatible Blade Series or war series cases, but it is compatible with heavy duty chain, Slimfit Series, and Girlpower Series. So if you have one of the latter three cases on your Switch, you won’t need to remove it when you pack it in your carry case.

Then, the joy-cons, there’s a mesh pocket to store cables and any other small items. You can fit a whopping 20 game cartridges in this case, and the cartridge slots are transparent, so you can easily view all of your games.

hyperx chargeplay clutch

This is the most expensive Switch protective case on this list, but for good reason.

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hyperx chargeplay clutch It has a 6,000mAh battery that can add up to five hours of extra playtime. This case essentially acts as a power bank for your Switch. There’s also a nifty LED indicator to tell you how much the case is charging.

To make it easier to play in tabletop mode, there’s a stable kickstand and detachable Joy-Con grips.

Skull & Co Grip Case Set

i think Skull & Co Grip Case Set One of the best items on this list of switch cases. It comes with a protective case for your Nintendo Switch as well as a carrying case for travel. Even when you have the Grip case body on your Switch, it will still fit into the dock for easy charging.

The Grip Case is made of soft TPU material – or thermoplastic polyurethane. The neat thing about this material is that it won’t scratch your Switch as hard plastic often does. It is very easy to take it on and off whenever you need it.

This set comes with three different types of replaceable grips for the grip case body. There are snap grips, which provide a basic grip suitable for most players; trigger grips, which provide a stronger grip force and are better suited for players with larger hands; And finally, plus grips, which are primarily intended for players with larger hands. All the grips are textured on the surface for more control while gaming.

Then, on top of all these awesome customizable grips, you also get a hard shell carrying case with room for up to 10 game cards and a mesh pocket for smaller Switch accessories like pleasure-cons and cables. The Grip Case set comes in any color with joys and cons.

Achimp Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch – Breath of the Wild Edition

If you’re a huge breath of the wild fan, This is the perfect switch case for you. It is a rigid case, made of silicone and EVA material, a rubber-like material. The interior is feel-lined and fits snugly on your Switch so you won’t have to worry about scratches on the screen.

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There’s a mesh pocket inside that will fit extra joy-cons and other accessories. Then, there’s an insert between the Switch and the mesh pocket for your game. You can fit up to 12 games in this Switch case.

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag

Next on our list of the best Nintendo Switch cases PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag, which comes with an included portable case in addition to the large storage provided by the bag. In the portable case, there’s an elastic strap that holds the Switch in place with joy-cons.

Again, the bag itself has fitted compartments that keep everything safe. Velcro walls let you easily reorganize the bag with whatever works best for you. There are compartments for switch cases, docks, cables, additional pleasures and more. There’s no dedicated area for game cartridges, but there’s plenty of room for games to fit in a case or two. You just have to buy them separately.

This messenger bag is a very comfortable way to bring your Switches and accessories with you on the go.

Orzly Switch Light Accessories Bundle

This is a great starter pack if you’ve recently purchased a Nintendo Switch Lite. orzlie bundle In addition to a travel case for portability, your Switch Lite comes with two tempered glass screen protectors and a protective comfort grip case. Again, it comes with an additional Switch Lite USB charging cable, earphones, a Duopen stylus that acts as a stylus and a ballpoint pen.

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Plus, it comes in seven different colors so there are a lot of options. There is also a lot of space in terms of game storage. You can store up to eight games in the carrying case, plus additional games in a little plastic storage container.

JETech Switch Lite Grip Case

JETech Grip Case The switch is designed for light. It’s made with premium TPU material, which essentially means it’s not hard plastic or soft rubber, but it’s somewhere in between. The case is transparent, so you can still see the color of the Switch light you chose to receive.

You can leave the case on at all times to protect your Switch Lite from daily scratches and accidental drops. The ergonomic grip makes this case extremely comfortable to hold while gaming.

These are the best Nintendo Switch cases you can currently buy. We will update this post with new options once they are launched.