The best smart motorcycle helmets to smarten up your ride

Ride into the sunset with one of the best smart motorcycle helmets.

Helmet is one of the most important accessories for motorcycle riders. They keep your head safe, and the recent boom in smart motorcycle helmets has turned them into great tools of communication and entertainment.

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The smart motorcycle helmet market is plagued with failed attempts. Companies like Skully have failed their Indiegogo supporters. To make matters worse, Skully’s site is no longer accessible. Nuviz also had a great product, but the company shut down and customers no longer have any support. It would be wise for you to be wary of buying smart helmets, as they tend to be more expensive than traditional buckets.

That is why we have compiled a list of the best smart motorcycle helmets. We can’t make promises, but it’s less of a guessing game with these, as they are mostly available for purchase now, and some come from reputed brands.

best smart motorcycle helmet

  1. Harley Davidson Boom! Audio N02
  2. Harley Davidson Boom! audio N01
  3. Sena Momentum Inc. Pro
  4. Sena Momentum Evos
  5. Quinn Design Spitfire
  1. Quinn Design Ghost Umbra Carbon
  2. crosshelmet x1
  3. Reevu MSX1
  4. Torque T28B
  5. Built Techno 3.0

We will be updating this list of the best smart motorcycle helmets regularly.

1. Harley Davidson Boom! Audio N02

This is one of Harley Davidson’s best-selling helmets, and for good reason. It offers the simplicity and safety of a full-face helmet with all the communication technology you could need. This helmet has two modules integrated: bluetooth and mesh. This ensures that you can hold a connection with your smartphone/music as well as with your riding mates.

The buttons are located on the back, out of the way and keeping the aerodynamics flowing. Chin and forehead vents keep fog out, and the fiberglass composite shell will ensure the helmet doesn’t get too heavy.

2. Harley Davidson Boom! audio N01

I don’t generally recommend half helmets because they don’t offer the same level of protection you would get from full-face helmets. believe me; I’ve had a bad time with half a helmet (jaw with double fracture). But I can’t deny riding with half a helmet feels like a million bucks, not to mention that it offers better visibility and can be carried around with ease.

If you really want a great smart half helmet, Harley Davidson Boom! Audio N01 comes with an integrated Force 10R Bluetooth communication system. This lets you stay connected to your Bluetooth devices, play music, make calls and keep in touch with other riders.

3. Sena Momentum Inc. Pro

The Army, known for its Bluetooth communication devices, has entered the smart helmet game in full force. Their high-end model is the Senna Momentum Ink Pro, and it’s packed with tons of goodies.

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Momentum Ink Pro is equipped with a QHD camera. You can put a camera in any helmet, but it affects aerodynamics and convenience. It is built-in and ready to go. Other features include intelligent noise control, Bluetooth audio, group intercom, voice commands, and even music sharing. Of course, DOT certification also ensures that you are safe in case of an accident.

4. Army Outrush

If you want a smart Army experience without breaking the bank, Army Outrush is a great option. It doesn’t skimp on features either. The modular design makes it very comfortable to use while jumping off the bike. Of course, you get plenty of features with the Army’s integrated Bluetooth communication and 2-way intercom.

5. Quinn Design Spitfire

Quinn Designs focuses on a simple experience, providing you with the basics you need to stay connected without distractions. In fact, its most notable feature is that it offers Bluetooth audio. The system is invisibly integrated so that nothing affects its aerodynamics.

What sets the Spitfire apart from regular Bluetooth headsets is crash detection and SOS beacon (live tracking). These will provide safety and support to the rider when needed. As for construction, the helmet is both DOT and ECE certified.

6. Quinn Design Ghost Umbra Carbon Edition

What do you like about Quinn Designs? If you have the extra money and want a true quality helmet from Quinn Designs, look no further than the Ghost Umbra Carbon Edition. Thanks to the carbon fiber design, it only weighs 2.88lbs. Even the lightweight body doesn’t stop the helmet from sporting all the smart features the company is known for. It also keeps the rider safe. The helmet meets ECE and DOT certifications. It also meets or exceeds FIM, AMA, CRMC and RACE Racing standards.

7. Crosshelmet X1

With Scully gone, the smart helmet market is looking at crosshelmets. The product comes with a heads-up display and a rear-view camera. It also has a security light, voice controls, and a design that looks like it came from a sci-fi movie. It’s not cheap at $1,799, but it’s one of the best smart motorcycle helmets you can find. And its design will certainly turn a few heads.

8. Reevu MSX1 Helmet

The Reevu MSX1 isn’t exactly a smart motorcycle helmet, but it’s still a smart buy. Its main feature is that it has a mirror system that sends reflections through the top of the helmet, giving the rider a rearview. It’s really cool that it doesn’t require charging, battery or apps. This is a simple-purpose no-frills helmet.

9. Torque T28B Helmet

Torc offers another great Bluetooth-only product for those looking for the simplicity in the best smart motorcycle helmet. It comes with an integrated sound system, mic and side button to control your smartphone wirelessly. It also comes in really cool designs and offers ECE/DOT/CCC certification.

It is only slightly more expensive than T15B. And while the spec sheet looks very similar, there are a few design improvements you can’t ignore. The main thing is that this helmet is modular, which means the front can be pushed up to expose your face. It’s great for those times when you pull over to get gas, or when you just want to get off the bike and enjoy a view without taking your helmet off completely.

10. Built Techno 3.0

The Built is known for providing value, and while this helmet isn’t exactly cheap, it offers a lot for its price. For starters, it offers a modular construction that can leave your face uncovered in a second. It provides versatility and freedom while keeping you safe during long rides.

What makes it smart? It has an integrated Army DWO-6 Bluetooth system with great features like 4-way intercom, smartphone app support, call conferencing, music sharing, speed dial and more. It can hold intercom communications up to a kilometer, and battery life is estimated at 8 hours of talk time on a single charge.

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