jenshin effect It has taken the gaming industry by storm, as its player base continues to grow every day. New updates usually generate a lot of hype, especially if previous leaks have revealed that they will feature brand new characters.

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One of the main mechanics in battle is jenshin effect And each character has a certain type of weapon that can be leveled up and upgraded. recent jenshin effect Leaks have revealed that the game may finally get a new type of weapon.


Each character in the game can only use one type of weapon. There are currently five types of weapons in total but developer miHoYo never ruled out the possibility of adding new types of weapons in the future. interesting a few days ago jenshin effect The leak revealed that there is a possibility that players may get a new weapon in the future. one more jenshin effect The leaker, Project Celestia, doubled down on this rumor, claiming that a new weapon type is currently in the making.

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Adding a new weapon will certainly have a huge impact on the game’s meta, especially for players who already have the max weapons stack. At the moment, Claymore users are usually the strongest DPS characters. jenshin effect But this may change in future. Despite the fact that a new character is added to the roster every few weeks, players often complain that only five weapon types can make the fight monotonous, especially for experienced players who find it difficult to play with the late game content of the game. challenges from.

The new weapon will obviously be a crossbow with an interesting mechanic that will probably work in the same way as an in-game bow. The two main things that will change are most likely time and draw damage. Adding a new weapon would definitely shake up the current meta. At the moment, Claymore users are usually the strongest DPS characters. jenshin effect But this may change in future. Even though the character’s abundance seems to be one of the game’s greatest assets, players often complain that just five weapon types aren’t enough, claiming that adding new weapon types should be in sync with character roster expansion.

These changes usually mean that miHoYo wants to add more combat variety to the game, leaving a lot of fans wondering when the Dendro element will be playable. Dendro is the only element in the game that is still not used by the character. Dendro may still take some time to arrive because adding a new element can be difficult due to the complex fundamental reaction mechanics. This element has always been associated with the area of ​​the trench, which is rumored to be one of the upcoming jenshin effect Area.

jenshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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