Crusader Kings 3’s first expansion, Royal Court, releases February 2022

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Crusader Kings 3 is a stunning continuation of Paradox’s long-running pop-em-up grand strategy series, and Paradox today announced its first major expansion: Royal Court. It’s coming on 8 February 2022 and “chair rulers and aspiring monarchs will be able to hoard artifacts and build new kinds of nations,” as well as offer new ways to manage their court.

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In the extension is a new throne room, a visual representation of your court that clearly shows “all the accumulated glory and prestige of your dynasty.” You will be able to organize court with jagirdars and courtiers who want royal judgment (ORF with their heads!) and you’ll be able to elevate the level of elegance by purchasing luxurious furnishings and food that will feature “high quality” guests. Roast Goose, anyone?

Amusingly enough you can start hiring staff, which will also raise your level of grandeur, with a breakdown video showing the jester in action, as well as a character like a court poet or musician. Huh. There are also artists, craftsmen and philosophers who will add treasures and trinkets to your court.


Cultures are now modular in the paradox’s terminology, like how religions work in play. This means that cultures will have a variety of traits that they accept and treat other cultures, and will have traditions that feed many aspects of how they operate: a preference for a certain climate, for example. For, or an agricultural lifestyle, or a very military history.

At its core, the Royal Court will let you create hybrid cultures by spending prestige in the right circumstances: as a respected ruler, enabling you to pick and choose the ethos upon which your culture will develop in the future. The system is designed in such a way that players can differentiate when history demands, and adapt their domain to something new that better fits other aspirations.

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The release of Royal Court will coincide with a major update for Crusader Kings 3, free for all CK3 owners, which includes a new culture interface, minor court positions, and more.

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