The creation of mods for video games by third parties has long been a controversial topic in the industry. Some argue that mods improve the longevity of popular but aging video games such as Skyrim, Others, especially game developers and publishers, worry that mods not only infringe copyright but can also take away profits from the IP owner. launch of Crisis Remastered Trilogy Interest revived in October 2021 in both the series and the mods that could further improve the gameplay experience.

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Two popular mods for the remastered versions of Crisis 2 And 3 Provide additional tools and options to expand the photo mode in games. The mods were created by software engineer Frans Bauma, who has released camera mods for several titles, including far cry 6,assassin’s creed odyssey, And Guardians of the Galaxy. One of Bouma’s more popular ways adjusts the camera to final fantasy 7 remake So that it matches the classic fixed angle of the original game.


Bauma recently shared a cease and desist letter he received from Crytek, requesting it to remove the mods he created for Crisis 2 And 3 Reconstruction. According to the letter, the company does not allow mods of its game or engine, and this is clarified in terms of the game’s EULAs. Bauma complied with the request but also expressed his dismay on Twitter, stating that Crytek was “shooting”.[ing] himself in his feet” and he would never re-modify any of the company’s games. The modder explained that he has created custom Photo Mode mods for “more games than anyone else on this planet” and that only game developers and Received enthusiastic responses from publishers.

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While some responses to Bauma’s post advised that he simply ignore the cease and desist letter, Crytek reserves the right to request the removal of any modifications made to its games. When Bauma asked Crytek for clarification, he was told that the main issue the company had with the mods was that they were monetized on the modder’s Patreon page. The answer specifically asked that Bauma “remove the paywall,” possibly implying that the mod could be re-shared if monetization was removed. According to Crytek, the company appreciates the support of the gaming community, but must also balance that praise with protecting its copyright.

Developers or publishers ask creators to turn off mod distribution, which makes many gamers happy. In early 2021, Take-Two Interactive launched the long-established . began to aggressively take down GTA Mods, including some that have been around for more than 15 years. These mods improved gameplay elements, improved graphics, and have been credited with maintaining the old GTA Gaming community active. But their availability would have created direct competition with the release. GTA: Trilogy – fixed edition, which launched on November 11, 2021, is fraught with graphical and technical performance issues.

Crisis Remastered Trilogy Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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