PC gamers will basically remember Crisis The game as the pinnacle of visual prowess in gaming. It was what people played with when they wanted to push their latest hardware to its very limits with stunning visuals and jaw-droppingly realistic explosions for the time. Outside of hardcore PC fans, many gamers have forgotten this futuristic single-player shooter, although a remaster of the trilogy is due in a few days, and with that, an announcement says it has so much in common with the mod Nvidia. will receive treatment

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According to a report from Tom’s Hardware, Crisis Remastered Trilogy, along with a host of other games, will be the latest to receive version 2.0 of Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS, upscaling technology. When the original game was released in 2007, it was the pinnacle of gaming performance in terms of graphics, and while technology has certainly advanced since then, a remastered version of the game with DLSS compatibility could really give it the wow factor. Is. when it is issued.


For those who are unaware, DLSS is an algorithm designed by Nvidia that is being pushed onto a lot of games, which goes to some extent to make them look better. It works by redrawing the pixels on the screen and increasing the resolution to make the game run at a higher resolution than it was originally doing, the RTX graphics card being used to render the computer in use. Is. It has become the standard in the industry, with Nvidia planning to support more games with DLSS.

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In the report, it is mentioned that not only would Crisis Remastered Getting DLSS updates, but some other games too, including Rise of the Tomb Raider which came out in 2016. Both Growth And shadow of the tomb raider DLSS will be available on October 18, while Crisishandjob Baldur’s Gate 3, And sword of legends online Will get it at the end of this week. on top of it, sword and angel 7 And chivalry 2 will be received on October 21 and October 26 respectively.

with developer Crytek announced Crisis Remastered Trilogy A few months back, which came with a trailer, it would be nice for fans of the original three games to jump back and see what improvements have been made. The inclusion of DLSS is likely to bring a certain visual acuity to which modern gaming has become accustomed, and will probably do wonders for the graphical power that is Crisis Play

Crisis Remastered Trilogy Released on October 15, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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