Curio allows NFT adherents to view, track and buy everything in one browser tab

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People dedicated to the NFT world have access to a lot of analytics and viewing tools, but none of them work together. At least so new startup Curio sees things.

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Curio uses several different data sources to provide a powerful analytical tool for both viewing and tracking the value of NFTs.

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Co-founders Chris Bader and Sean Dadashi started working on Curio about two years ago, but it wasn’t called Curio at the time. They launched an app against loneliness called Ikaria it was supposed to bring people together in a vulnerable and authentic way. Application adoption has been slow. Around the same time, Dadashi and Bader began to infiltrate the web3 space.

“Web2 is pretty saturated in terms of incentives and what drives and motivates people,” Bader said. “Everything is done more or less. Web3 kind of introduced a whole new design space where we can create new incentives and motivate people on a more fundamental level than what already exists today.”

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They tried to apply this mindset to their social application, and it’s not very good. “If you’re trying to add incentives to a relationship, things get weird,” Bader said.

That’s when they started thinking about what they could bring to the web3 space. They were especially interested in NFTs, but the process of viewing them, understanding them, and keeping track of their meaning seemed tedious and annoying. This required multiple browser windows and cross-references to information.

So they decided to create a one-stop place where people could not only look at the art, but track the value of these NFTs and make better decisions.

Curio receives information from the OpenSea API and the blockchain itself and plans to include data from LooksRare soon. The startup beautifies this data so users can track rarity, minimum tier, average price per collection, volume, and more. Users can dive into a particular collection and get full details or even filter it by characteristics. For example, users can search the Bored Ape collection for 3D glasses and brown fur to see floor depth, sales scatter plot, and real-time sales tracking.

People who just want to see what’s out there today can also view the best value or see what’s trending today.

Curio has been in beta with 1000 users until today when it launches to the public. As part of its launch and revenue strategy, the startup is offering an NFT pass called Genesis that gives people lifetime access to Curio’s premium tools.

The company also generates revenue from its Discord bot, which allows server administrators to provide on-demand analytics to their Discord communities.

Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six led Curio’s $3.7 million seed round, bringing the project’s total funding to $5.1 million.

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