Cyber Monday AirPods deals: what to expect in 2021

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While all eyes are usually on Friday’s sale, Cyber ​​Monday AirPods deals can still result in some great discounts on Apple’s premium true wireless earbuds. In fact, we typically see retailers expanding their sales over the November shopping weekend after Friday’s excitement ends, which means more time to pick up some great discounts.

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The quality of this year’s Cyber ​​Monday AirPods deals can go one of two ways. Apple is set to launch a new set of AirPods by the end of the year, currently rumored to be the AirPods 3, a follow-up to the 2019 second generation that is seeing a lot of discounts at the moment. If these new buds land before November, it’s likely we won’t see any Cyber ​​Monday AirPods deals on the older models.

That’s because replacement Apple devices see huge discounts as retailers rush to clear inventory before new, similarly priced, models appear. If you’re after a super cheap pair of AirPods and don’t need the latest release, however, we recommend keeping an eye out for the next month or so.


However, we are still expecting some record low prices on the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. The more premium options aren’t scheduled for a refresh this year, and so we should see prices drop even further in the 2021 holiday sales.

We’ll bring you all the latest updates on this year’s Cyber ​​Monday AirPods deals right here, but bookmark this page because we’ll pile it up with all the best offers as they land. We’re also keeping an eye on all the best Black Friday AirPods deals in case you’re getting ready for the main event.

When will the Cyber ​​Monday AirPods deal start?

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Cyber ​​Monday officially begins Monday 29 November This year, however, we usually see retailers rolling out discounts from Black Friday AirPods deals. If we’re to see any discounts on new releases, they’ll likely be limited to Friday’s offer, however, the record discounts on AirPods Pro and AirPods Max should last around Cyber ​​Monday.

Where to find the best Cyber ​​Monday AirPods deals

We’ll be keeping an eye on all the best Cyber ​​Monday AirPods deals when the time comes, but we recommend checking out these retailers in November if you’re going it alone.

The best prices are often there during sales events.

B&H Photo: Best to stock older releases

Newegg: Limited time discount may offer brand new record low

Verizon: Often the first to offer record low prices but sell low

Walmart: Price matches with Amazon

regularly offers the lowest prices

Argos: Low sales but same day delivery available

Curry: Best for Free Membership in Bundles

Laptop Direct: Often beats record low prices but with £5 shipping

very: price corresponds to amazon

Cyber ​​Monday AirPods deals: What we expect to see

If Apple doesn’t launch the AirPods 3 in time for its November sale, we’re expecting to see some super low prices on the second generation model. These buds first launched in 2019, and with about three years under their belts they’ll be well worn on shelves by the time of November. It’s a recipe for some incredible Cyber ​​Monday AirPods deals, potentially dropping to less than the $99 record low we saw very briefly last year (and a few times in 2021).

It’s a little easier to predict the AirPods Pro offers. We’re not expecting a refresh of this model in 2021, which means the ANC earbuds will be the star of the show this year (especially if the second generation gets wiped out by November). The lowest price we’ve ever seen here is $169.99 / £175 – and we’ve been seeing discounts like these regularly over the past few weeks. That means there are some excellent offers out there already, but Cyber ​​Monday AirPods deals could bring those prices down to $159 / £159 if we’re really lucky.

AirPods Max represent Apple’s most premium headphones. Originally launching at $549 in December, we’ve seen the Luxury Cup readily available throughout the year for $499, and most recently, reduced the price to $489.99. Apple may want to keep that price for Cyber ​​Monday, after all, it’s the headphones’ first shot at its holiday sales. However, given that we’re already seeing significant discounts here, we can expect to see an additional $10 or $20 off the price here.

Today’s best deal

If you can’t wait until November, and we wouldn’t recommend doing so if the AirPods 3 is released, you’ll find all the latest AirPods deals below.

Last Year’s Best Cyber ​​Monday AirPods Deals

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