Cyber Monday external hard drive deals: what to expect this year

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Cyber ​​Monday external hard drive deals are another chance to save huge on the best external hard drive money can buy. If you want to easily store your games on the best gaming PC or best gaming laptop, then they can be the right solution.

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Of course, it’s not just PC gamers who can make the most of Cyber ​​Monday external hard drive deals, as the best PS5 external hard drives and best Xbox Series X external hard drives have proven themselves to be popular storage solutions for the latest consoles. generation.

It should be noted that you currently cannot launch Xbox Series X games or PS5 games from an external hard drive. At this time, you can store those titles, but they must be transferred to the respective console’s in-built SSD in order to play. However, PS4 games running on PS5 will, in fact, boot from an external hard drive, and the same is true for all original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games running through the Xbox Series X.


However, this is not about external hard drives. When it comes to storage solutions on PCs, internal hard drives can prove to be a cost-effective way to store massive amounts of data, especially when they go on sale on Cyber ​​Monday.

One major drawback of using hard drives (whether internal or external) is that they are slower than what you can find with the best SSDs for gaming. If fast performance is of the utmost importance to you, we suggest keeping an eye out for Black Friday SSD deals, NVMe, SATA III, and external options at ultrafast speeds.

When Will Cyber ​​Monday External Hard Drive Deals Start?

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Slated for Cyber ​​Monday 29 November, this year. However, it’s worth noting that Cyber ​​Monday external hard drive deals are likely to start on Saturday morning and continue through the weekend at least until Monday. That’s because more often than not, this special sale event is available on Black Friday in addition to standing on its own.

Where to find the best Cyber ​​Monday external hard drive deals?

Amazon is the best place to find the deepest Cyber ​​Monday external hard drive deals as well as offers on internal HDDs, so this online retailer should be your first port of call when the day comes. We’ve also noticed that Newegg and eBuyer have some extensive offers of their own as well, so we recommend keeping an eye on tech-focused storefronts as well. Here’s what you can expect from all the biggest online retailers right now.


Amazon: Huge Discounts on WD Black, Toshiba and Seagate Hard Drives
best Buy: You can currently save up to $160 on Western Digital HDDs
Newegg: Right now you can save up to 21% on WD External HDDs
Walmart: Major brands represented, but on some deals
B&H Photo: You Can Save $60 on Seagate 10TB Expansion HDDs Right Now


Amazon: Consistently low prices on Toshiba, WD and Seagate Drives
Curry: Little in the way of offers, but prices are consistently low
E-buyer: Stable discounts on all major external HDD brands and sizes
Laptop Direct: Great value on a 2.5-inch/smaller external hard drive

Cyber ​​Monday External Hard Drive Deals: What to Expect

heroine Cyber ​​Monday is one of the better places to find external hard drive deals, and looking at what was available last year is proof of that.

The WD My Passport 5TB is one of the more perennially popular external hard drives, and it hit a historically low price around the period of Cyber ​​Monday last year ($90 down from its usual $150 MSRP). Similarly, as far as massive external HDDs are concerned, the WD Elements 12TB drive recently saw its historical lowest price in June, dropping to $142.87 from its $310 retail price. . We are confident that this model may be discounted again for Cyber ​​Monday as prices fluctuate frequently.

Things are particularly promising on the internal front as well. Take the Seagate Exos X16 14TB HDD, which is currently at its historically lowest price on Amazon — $293 down from its $590 — for a total savings of $296. We know this is one of the more extreme examples, but it’s definitely worth a look if you’re looking for some super-sized storage on Cyber ​​Monday.

Today’s best deal

Our price comparison software works day and night to bring you the best external hard drive deals this side of Cyber ​​Monday.

Today’s Best External Hard Drive Deals

If you’re not sure where to start about Cyber ​​Monday external hard drive deals, we recommend WD My Passport Line for its fast transfer speeds, affordable price point, and small form factor. However, if you’re after something great for your console or gaming PC, then seagate expansion hdd (with a capacity of up to 16TB) is likely to have all the storage space you need.

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