And, as if by magic, a brilliant proposal appears. This Accenting Master Series Max Gaming Chair has got a huge discount along with its price in the US Dramatically drop from $519 to $321.82, That’s a savings of 38% for those who keep counting.

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However, this shortfall is only for the Indigo version of the Acresing’s best gaming chair. If you want another color version, you’ll pay more for the price we listed above. I think the indigo looks quite attractive and it looks comfortable to boot. My advice? Grab one yourself.

Well well well, what do we have here? It looks like Amazon (in the US, at least) has A real ton of Cyber ​​Monday deals dropped To coincide with the official arrival of Cyber ​​Monday 2021. Time to do a quick browse to see if any gaming chairs have been heavily discounted.


So now, a . But what about an excellent offer? Limited version gaming chair?

I thought this would pique your interest. Noblechairs is currently offering a great discount on its Epic Copper Limited Edition Gaming Chair in the US And Britain. US citizens can raise one for Only $379.99 (down from $419.99), while UK residents can get it even cheaper – £284.99, £329.99 . below from,

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However, keep in mind that this deal In college Available on the PU leather version of the Epic Copper chair. Choosing any other content will cost you extra as none of them are available in Cyber ​​Monday sales. The same rules apply for any other color choice. So, before buying, make sure that it is the Epic Copper Limited Edition variety that you have chosen.

Another gaming chair that now ranks high on our best gaming chairs list. The Anda Seat T-Pro 2 is the third best gaming chair we’ve reviewed recently and, at its current Cyber ​​Monday price point, you’d be a fool to sleep on this deal.

You can buy T-Pro 2 seat for this Right now only $349.99 in the USBut the stock is selling out fast. Before it expires, grab one now.

The UK price of the T-Pro 2 was also reduced to £349.99, but it has since sold out. Fear not, UK readers, because there is an even Better The deal is available on Amazon. You can buy the T-Pro 2 chair for Instead as low as £265, but there’s a catch: it Will not done Stay in stock until December 30, 2021. So if you’re happy to wait a month for your new chair to arrive, opt for this deal instead.

Is that SecretLab Titan Gaming Chair deal too far out of your price range? Fear not, dear reader, there are cheap items to look for during Cyber ​​Monday sales.

And here is one such offer on the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair. it is currently Reduced from $499.99 to $349.99 . Has been done in America, and £349.98 to £279.99 In uk. Iskur was Razer’s first foray into the gaming chair world and, suffice it to say, it is arguably the best chair product ever.

It is extremely comfortable, extremely well built, and provides the right level of support through its design. There’s plenty of lumbar support here, lots of foam padding so you don’t get uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time, and every part of it adapts to your sitting position. Then top marks throughout the round.

Welcome to our Cyber ​​Monday Gaming Chair Live Blog! I’m your host for the next few hours, and I’ll bring you the best savings and offers on gaming chair deals for Cyber ​​Monday 2021.

I get it: You want a comfortable, adjustable chair for those long gaming sessions. I’m a gamer myself, so I know about the long quest to find a chair that will support you for hours on end. And, given that you’re in the market for a new gaming chair, Cyber ​​Monday is the perfect time to snag discounts on some of the best ones around.

And what better place to start than with our favorite gaming chair from last year: that’s right, SecretLab’s Titan 2020 series. Right now, you can save £40 on the black, softwave fabric version of this classic gaming chair, which has been downsized $439 in Cyber ​​Monday sales, This is also marked below £399 to £359 . till In uk. If you favor quality over cost, you’ll do well to find a better deal than this.