cyberpunk 2077 Well known for the many bugs and glitches that find their way into the game, but it also contains a number of easter eggs added intentionally by the developers. an easter egg that was recently discovered cyberpunk 2077 The players also congratulate them for successfully finding it.

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Some cyberpunk 2077Easter eggs, such as mortal kombat easter egg, has gained flak for being more like marketing efforts than funny hidden secrets. However, the Easter egg that can only be discovered by parking it in a secret location in the Santo Domingo area – specifically, with ‘Arasaka’ written on top of a building next to a construction site – is a return to the classic Easter egg form. .


The easter egg was first spotted by Redditor feelthersh2132 after using a flying katana glitch to climb the building, but YouTuber DefaultDanielS found a way to get there without using glitches. They both discovered a large ledge with two chests that produces a giant message reading “Well Done” when the player gets close enough. it is generally believed that cyberpunk 2077 There was a game that was too ambitious for its own good, but players can be pleased to find the player ambition that makes this game rewarding.

The level designer behind this Easter egg has come forward on Twitter, identifying himself as Philip Weber, the acting lead quest designer on CD Projekt Red for both. cyberpunk 2077 And witcher. Weber explains that when he finds a bug where players manage to get somewhere, he leaves little reward for the players instead of blocking the area. Obviously, that’s what happened here, which could be good in the long run. NS cyberpunk 2077 Developers are still working on bug fixes, so eliminating small scale issues like fixed players on a very specific ledge can waste valuable time and effort.

As of writing, fans generally appear to favor Easter eggs, but soon began to discuss the actual pitfalls they faced. cyberpunk 2077. One Redditor began to discuss how he stopped playing the game after realizing his stealth achievements, though it appears that he accidentally used a better disguise than he realized. Another user complained about the gap between the roofs, with some being wide and others using the LOD model. A third noted down the Easter eggs and reminded them of a Grand Theft Auto 3 with an equal sign. While the reaction is a bit mixed due to the state of the game, most would probably agree that the easter egg is interesting in its own right.

cyberpunk 2077 Available on Google Stadia, PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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