While the action role-playing video game received a lot of criticism at its mismanaged launch, to say that gamers can’t get enough cyberpunk 2077 The dystopian-neon fused aesthetic would be somewhat of an understatement. As CD Projekt Red gradually patches the title with several updates, fans have created an extraordinarily detailed cyberpunk 2077 In the meantime to do cosplays.

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From the pistol to the light-machine gun that separates Night City’s gritty streets from sun-filled high-fantasy avenues Skyrim Fire is power. However, all specific tick-boxes “required” from the hardware that are included cyberpunk 2077, a memorable gun has managed to stay with players even after the controller has been put down, and for good reason too. Skippy is one of these cyberpunk 2077 The most popular weapon, not only because it deals a massive amount of damage, but because the handgun actually talks to the user using its unique weapon AI.


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Now, a talented fan and his 3D printer have brought Skippy from fantasy to reality. The item itself was printed and submitted by Shalonihilism on Reddit, but was originally produced by Jury Pranzik and made available through his Patreon. Although it should be noted that while this version of Skippy can’t talk to the user, begging some voodoo boys to be taken out, it still bears a surprising resemblance. cyberpunk 2077In-game model.

Cyberpunk 2077 Skippy Gun fan made 3D printed

The weapon carries a red and white finish, with a broad, bold yellow barrel. A closer look reveals that the piece also includes the main firing trigger mechanism, which is often excluded from common fan-functions due to the accuracy and resources involved in the production process. Such details make it one of the few replicas in recent times that can be compared to the mythical real life of FranklyEverything. call of duty cold war In terms of Ice Drake Krig 6, scale and presentation.

In short, it’s clear that an extraordinary amount of time, detail, and effort went into replicating this chit-nonsense gun. Details like the “HJKE-11 Yukimura” construction engraving under the skippy paint job are small touches that make for a surprisingly impressive cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay props do much more than just eye-candy.

Overall, despite the fact that cyberpunk 2077 Still full of game-breaking glitches, creations like these prove that there are players out there ready to pay homage to the game in a variety of creative ways. Still, whether it’s upcoming hot-fixes or free DLC, it’ll be interesting to see what CD Projekt RED has to offer in return for these loyal fans.

cyberpunk 2077 Now available for PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

Source: reddit

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