whereas cyberpunk 2077 Well known for its bugs and sweeping ambition, its characters can also be quite memorable, most notably Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Silverhand. One cyberpunk 2077 Fans were so fond of Silverhand that they created a custom Johnny Silverhand groupie filter for Instagram users.

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In cyberpunk 2077Of course, Silverhand is an in-universe rock star—or at least, he was one while he still had his own body—so that groups fit his image well. Keanu Reeves has even been seen buying Silverhand merch, showing that his rebellious appeal crosses the boundary between video games and reality. Reddit user FloARrrr was following in Reeves’s footsteps when he created a custom Instagram filter that overlays some of the game’s cybernetics on the user’s face and shows Silverhand standing behind him, one hand on his shoulder.


FloARrrr showed the results in a short, 11-second-long video in which they shift around, turn their heads, and change angles while holding the camera while the image of Cybernetics and Silverhand moves with them. Although this version of Johnny Silverhand may not steal the show, he is still recognizable and can add a lot of flavor to the background of the image. Although his hair is clearly pixelated, his face and hands can look quite realistic from some angles.

Hi, I made this Johnny Silverhand Groupie Filter for IG. Thought some of you might like it! From

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Being a holographic entity, Silverhand’s appearance is often accompanied by in-game disturbances and visual distortions. It looks like FloARrrr didn’t include it in the Instagram filter, but they did give her a blinking animation and the ability to open her mouth. Just as cyberpunk 2077With the developers still fixing the bugs, FloARrrr intends to add and polish more features to this filter in the future. According to the manufacturer, the current build of the filter was made in just two days. The download link is available in the comments under the original post.

At the time of writing, fans appear to be in favor of the Instagram filter, though someone did note that it would be nice if Johnny Silverhand messed up the way he did in the game. Another Redditor compared Silverhand’s filtered version to The Stand jojo’s bizarre adventure, while some others saw their striking resemblance red Dead RedemptionK John Marston. One user joked that Keanu Reeves might want a gratuity for the use of his image. Others joked that the way Floer placed Silverhand’s metal arm around his shoulders made it look like he was feeling their chest.

cyberpunk 2077 Now available for PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One. PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades are in development.

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