Despite one of the most controversial launches in recent gaming history, cyberpunk 2077 has managed to extricate itself from the reputation in which its launch has landed it. Although there are still many steps to be taken cyberpunk 2077 While many fans expected this, many are now viewing the game as less messy with bugs and glitches.

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Even after the controversial launch of cyberpunk 2077, many fans were still able to enjoy the game. Now, as new players continue to make their way into Night City, cyberpunk 2077 There has been a surge of positivity from the players and the critics. in 2021 cyberpunk 2077 Steam was one of the most played games of the year. Although there is one main quest, the game world of Night City also has a lot of side objectives and quests to do. Very cyberpunk 2077 Players are having fun in other ways, such as a player who can set the world record for most burritos collected in a video game.


The player, who posted a photo of his burrito-filled in-game apartment on Reddit, was initially trying to figure out how many Hero V’s could collect. cyberpunk 2077, Since there are no loads of food in the game, the player quickly learned that there was no limit to the amount of burritos V could carry, and so the player proceeded to fill his in-game apartment with them. Using the game’s photo mode, the player posted a photo of V feeling proud of himself, sitting atop a giant pile of burritos. While there are mods that allow players to redecorate their apartments cyberpunk 2077Throwing burritos everywhere is another option for a player who wants to redevelop without mods.

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Commenters praised the post for both the hilarity of the post and the impressive amount of players collected. One commenter wrote, “alternate routes toward the major leagues,” suggesting that selling burritos would be a much quicker way for V to get rich from crime and looting. Another compared apartments full of burrito to players’ houses filled with wheels of cheese. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim,

Whether players are filling their apartment with burritos or following the main quest to remove a deadly microchip from V’s head, it looks like there’s a lot of fun to be had. cyberpunk 2077 For fans. However, the game’s Rocky launch is still hurting its reputation and the reputation of its developer, CD Projekt Red, which faced lawsuits from investors. The lawsuit against CD Projekt Red was settled out of court in mid-December, and so cyberpunk 2077 Might be able to move slowly from its launch soon.

cyberpunk 2077 Available on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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