With each subsequent update and patch, cyberpunk 2077 It keeps getting better after its grand launch last year. The 1.31 update went live today and fixes a lot of bugs in the game’s open world as well as its menus across all platforms.

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Patch addresses a handful of issues players are experiencing cyberpunk 2077Fixing some problems, especially in missions like “Disasterpiece,” “This Boots Are Made for Walkin’,” “Beat on the Brat,” “With a Little Help from My Friends” and “The Nomad.” What’s more, the 1.31 patch notes make it a point to say that wet surfaces should be more detailed than here as a result of the sport’s ongoing work on the Wet Surface system.


Another visual improvement includes one that keeps V’s character model in line with the character created in the creation engine as some players found hair in a few different places on their version of V, while turning it off when creating the character. had gone. The dazzling light that some players experienced while shooting Tech Weapons has also been removed in the update.

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There are five different gameplay fixes with the 1.31 update, which are expected cyberpunk 2077 Very smooth experience for all players. One of the most notable gameplay improvements is that the stealth detection speed of enemies now depends on what difficulty players have in the game, meaning detection will take longer on easier difficulties and higher on higher levels. will be fast.

With today’s patch comes just two UI updates: Overheat and Short Circuit Quick Hack Tooltips as well as details for Backpacker, Resist, Osmosis, and Footloose Clothing mods are returning. Despite having many different versions of cyberpunk 2077 Available to players, the 1.31 update comes with only one platform-specific fix. On PlayStations, the game is further optimizing its use of the GPU.

Hopefully, PlayStation GPU optimization is a look at the future of the game and its upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions that are set to launch later this year. There haven’t been many updates on the current-gen console versions of cyberpunk 2077 Since CD Projekt Red has been working hard on patching and fixing those available, it is expected that the company will make an announcement about the game soon as it said that there will be further updates on its development later this year.

cyberpunk 2077 Now available for PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

Source: cd project red

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