Daily Crunch: Buick unveils Wildcat concept car as company moves to EV-only lineup

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Extra, extra, read all about it – Sheryl Sandberg surprised us this afternoon and said she was stepping down as Meta COO. We are still figuring out the details, so stay tuned. And oh Hay! Or rather, Ohio, or rather, Columbus, Ohio. Today we make our City Spotlight and we explore who builds in Columbusas well as how it became the tech powerhouse of the Midwest. We also dived into why Intel chose this city to build its $20 billion manufacturing facility. — Hadje as well as Christine

TechCrunch Top 3

  • Buick on a full electric car: If you’re into electric cars, you’ll love today’s Daily Crunch. First of all, it’s Buick, which is full of surprises today – not only has the company said it’s going all-electric, but after a few years of focusing on SUVs, Buick is returning to its coupes and sedans. Wildcat looks like a sweet ride. If it wasn’t already obvious The US is taking electric vehicles more seriouslyper Tim. Speaking of sweet ride, the 1980s are really back in style. Jacqueline also wrote about new DeLorean, which is being reimagined as an electric vehicle. Sorry, no flux capacitor here, but thankfully you won’t need any plutonium or 1.21 gigawatts.
  • The tiger plunges its claws into SliceA: getting a bank account can be easy; get a loan, not much. Slice is an Indian fintech company working to turn that around and is now backed by a new $50 million investment round led by Tiger Global, which Manish reports that the company is in unicorn territory. Slice brings credit to the masses in this country by incorporating technology into the underwriting process and issuing hundreds of thousands of cards per month, making it the market leader in South Asia.
  • “Netflix for education”: The Spanish company Odilo has a catalog of nearly 4 million educational items and has made $64 million to date to keep under wraps. No really how ingrid writes that the company’s “white label” means companies can create their own customized e-learning offerings, but customers can only see the education portal it runs on as a front brand, like, ahem, Google we’re talking about. a lot today in the Big Tech Inc section.

Startups and VK

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Every time I explain to someone what a SPAC is, they say, “Wait, how is this legal?” Some people in the government seem to agree Connie reports, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren plans new bill to tame the wild, wild west a little. The law may be a little overdue — interest was already on the wane when the SEC warned last March that SPACs were miscalculating investor incentives called warrants.

Another thing we want to celebrate is irreverence and joy. Hadje had to be fanned with palm branches after a little excited about the new electronics photo bookas well as Amanda lost her balls a couple of new pokemonincluding one named Lechonk.

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Other things to be excited about:

Dear Sophie! How can we meet each of the O-1A criteria?

a lone figure at the entrance to a hedge maze with an American flag in the center

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Dear Sophie,

Our startup will sponsor me and my co-founders for an O-1A visa.

How can we meet each of the O-1A criteria?

– Prominent Entrepreneur

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Big Tech Inc.

We promised above, and now we’re delivering all of Google’s amazing goodness. Let’s start with the news that will make you smile – Google is expanding its program aimed at providing job readiness and digital skills for ex-prisoners. The company is also investing $4 million to remove barriers to employment for these people. The following is a report showing that Chrome still supplants Apple Safari for users, though Apple should still be celebrating reaching 1 billion users. Cannot be undone:

The following report didn’t come as much of a surprise, but it appears to be a new British social media watchdog group. Ofcom has found that the social media giants do not take women’s safety seriously.. His study of about 6,000 people found that while women spend slightly more time online than men, they still don’t feel they can express themselves as freely as their male counterparts. For its part, Ofcom is urging social media companies to do something about this by making their platforms more welcoming.

Cryptocurrency has not experienced love lately, which in general TerraUSD thing, among other things, and today the sector is getting another blow as one of its own is arrested. Formal charges have been filed former Head of Product at OpenSea Nate Chastain for “electronic fraud and money laundering in connection with an insider trading scheme”. Chastain was fired from a job last year after he was accused of “advance purchases of NFT collections that he knew were to feature prominently on the OpenSea home page.”

Please enjoy these other bits:

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