Daily Crunch: Tesla shares plunge after CEO email leak shows hiring freeze, plans to cut 10% of staff

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Happy Friday, June 3, 2022. Or since this damn pandemic is still doing its thing, maybe it’s March 824, 2020, who knows. Whatever happens in your world, we hope you experience peace and know its source. Can you say that we recently read hippie literature? These people seem to be quite peaceful – maybe they are up to something. Have a great weekend and catch you on the flip side! — Hadje as well as Christine

TechCrunch Top 3

  • Brrrr, it’s cold in here – there must be something freezing in the atmosphere when applying for a job.: It’s been a full week of layoffs and hiring freezes, as you’ll see later in our newsletter. So it’s perhaps unsurprising that after telling Tesla employees to bring you to the office, it’s now revealed that Elon Musk told executives to suspend hiring. The news not only impacted Tesla stock, but also set the stage for President Joe Biden’s employment report.
  • Delivery kids are not all right: Startups-providers, once the “darlings” of venture capital investments Kyle let’s just say, found our way when none of us could go anywhere in the last 2 years. But it seems that the faster delivery times or promises got, the more some companies failed to deliver. Sources say that a correction is coming.
  • “Inflation, layoffs and supply chain problems, oh my!”: It was Ronevaluation of what is going on. However, as he learned while listening to Salesforce’s first-quarter performance report, CEO Marc Benioff said his company didn’t endure the quarter with a dip like some other companies.

Startups and VK

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Sometimes you come across companies that speak in forked tongues. I’m not saying this refers to Blackbaud’s self-proclaimed “social benefit” cloud business, but it definitely does. a little strange to have the National Rifle Association as a client since 1997as Devin reports.

A propos calls bovine excrement when we see them; team (Amanda as well as Anitaobz that Another Team A has much less confidence in the pulse) claim that maybe we should just cool it down with the “boss girl” moniker.

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But wait, there’s more:

Black Founders Matter Urges VCs to Commit to Diversity

Man in yellow sweatshirt looking at camera

Image credits: Marceau Michel

In an interview with new TechCrunch reporter Dominic-Madori Davis, Marceau Michel, founder and managing partner of venture capital firm Black Founders Matter, spoke about a new initiative to increase diversity in tech.

“It’s about changing the power dynamics in venture capital,” he told TechCrunch. “You have to start with those left behind and bring them to the starting line.”

Under the 25/25 commitment, investors pledge to channel 25% of their funds to the women founders of BIPOC by 2025.

“If the foundation doesn’t want to keep that promise… the question is why,” Michel said. “The status quo is no longer holding. It’s simply not possible to remove people who look like us from our field of vision. ”

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Big Tech Inc.

Microsoft said it thwarted the plan of the Lebanese hacker group., who is believed to be working with Iranian intelligence, allegedly targeting Israeli organizations. A group called Polonium created Microsoft OneDrive accounts and then used them in hacking attempts.

Dave Clark, CEO of Amazon’s consumer division, has announced he is stepping down. out of the company in July after 23 years with the company. It’s unclear why he’s leaving after taking over the role just two years ago, but Clark tweeted that “it’s time for me to build again.”

In the news about new features:

You may have missed these gems of yesterday, but Coinbase Surprised Us By Announcing It’s Freezing The Hiring Process. Initial reports said the company was canceling offers to new hires that had already been hired but those people hadn’t started work yet. Now we get the message that their jobs are safe. Don’t worry, we’re looking into it and hopefully we’ll be able to clear it up soon. Next, the autonomous vehicle division of General Motors. Cruise can now charge for driverless robot taxi rides in San Francisco. And we’re looking at a report showing only how hard is it to get an app at the top of the app store.

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