Daily Crunch: To manage high-demand products, Amazon is introducing an invitation-based ordering system.

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Hello and welcome June 2, 2022. Where we sit, the sun shines, the birds sing and we celebrate the addition Becca Shkutak the TechCrunch team. She will cover venture capital and startup news for our TechCrunch+ subscription service. You can find her very first story in the top 3 below! — Hadje as well as Christine

TechCrunch Top 3

  • Amazon Party By Invitation Only: It’ll keep people coming back, but remember when you used Toys “R” Us to buy high-demand items that they kept in the back of the store and you took one of the price tags and carried it to the checkout? Amazon is building a digital version of this with a new invite-based ordering experience for high demand, low supply products. Users can request an invitation to buy certain items – initially these will be game consoles, which the company says will help prevent shortages and keep bots from driving up the price.
  • If you’re heading to the Worldwide Developers Conference, we’ve got a guide for you.: Apple WWDC kicks off June 6th and TechCrunch is ready for it. Brian breaks what to expect.
  • About rata, what kind of matta?: Please warmly welcome the Daily Crunch to Becca Shkutak, one of our new venture reporters on TechCrunch+, published her first article today. She explores how leading investors in funding rounds are rethinking their apportionment strategy in this particularly challenging funding environment.

Startups and VK

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Yesterday was our city spotlight: Columbus, Ohio and it was great to see you all there! We were excited watching the presentation of the startup and congratulate SureImpact on the victory! They took a place in the TechCrunch ranking. Launch of Battlefield 200.

About events, we just announced the TC: Sessions Robotics program to be held on July 21st.and it will be damn cool. This is a virtual event, so you can attend from anywhere in the galaxy. Grab your tickets and get involved!

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Moara news? We have sad news:

What links the stock market downturn to startup valuations?

Anchor in the clear blue sea

Image credits: Matthias Kulka (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Without a dark note: it is clear that the winds in the tech industry are changing.

Layoffs are on the rise, investors are urging their portfolio companies to hunker down, and founders are doing everything but spells to expand the runway.

“But have the ratings really dropped?” asks Daniel Faloppa, founder of Equidam. “For all startups? If so, why and what should we expect in the short and medium term?”

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Big Tech Inc.

What does the fox say?: Foxconn plant in Mexico was attacked by ransomware, the company confirmed. While this isn’t the first time Foxconn has experienced this, a company spokesperson says the factory is back to normal, although they didn’t go into detail about whether any data was accessed.

New Meta Features: The main news of the week for the company remains that Sheryl Sandberg is leaving, but time goes by and there are features that need to be removed. In order to provide some TikTok-like features, Meta has released several new reel features on Facebook and increased the length of Instagram videos to 90 seconds. Instagram could be more immersive because more meme posters are making videos, which we think makes them harder to read. The extra seconds can pay for them. Besides, The messenger has a separate tab “Calls” so you can make fewer clicks to communicate with your views.

We have more to help train your eyes:

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